Daniel Buttafogo

Head of Financial Crime a& Transaction Risk Management for the Citibank Cards Portfolio, Citi

Daniel Buttafogo is currently Head of Financial Crime and Transaction Risk Management for the Citibank North America Cards, portfolio managing fraud analytics and fraud policy, as well as credit authorizations. Buttafogo’s professional career began at AT&T in Jacksonville, Florida, in the Financial Business Unit. His career progressed over a 17-year time period starting in Information Technology at AT&T American Transtech and concluding at AT&T Universal Card Service as Vice President of Credit Policy. He joined Barclaycard US (Juniper Bank) in 2000 helping to launch the bank and was responsible for the Fraud Policy and Risk Operations teams which included Fraud Operations, Credit Acquisitions, and Portfolio Balance Control Unit. In 2008, he became Managing Director, Head of Global Fraud Strategy responsible for Barclaycards UK ,US, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and South Africa portfolios as well as Commercial Card.
He has spoken on the topics of Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, the Conference for Western Attorney Generals, Foreword Financial Bank Card Conference, as well as the TSYS Security Fraud Forum. He is also a member of the Experian Fraud and Foreword Financial Bank Card Conference Advisory Boards. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from The College of New Jersey and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

Daniel’s sessions at USA 2012

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