Craig Spiezle

CEO and Executive Director, Online Trust Alliance

Craig Spiezle is a recognized authority on trust and the convergence of privacy, security and interactive marketing promoting responsible privacy practices, balanced public policy, end-to-end security and data stewardship. Spiezle champions best practices to help protect consumer trust and promote the importance of innovation meaningful self-regulation. Prior to OTA, Spiezle spent over a decade at Microsoft driving development of brand protection, anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-malware and privacy enabling technologies. Spiezle championed digital inclusiveness and the impact of internet literacy and access and the importance of ad-supported services. Spiezle is on the board of the Identity Theft Council and past member of the FCC CSRIC and a member of InfraGard, the IAPP and APWG.

Craig’s sessions at USA 2012

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