Desperately Seeking Snoozing

Time: 9:40 – 10:20 hrs
Speaker: Emma Smith, Group Technology Security Director, Vodafone Group plc

In this fast evolving digital world we often encounter the question; can we sleep at night? Well, 5 nights in 5 beds or 3 nights with 3 overnight long haul flights is a typical week in the diary of Vodafone CISO Emma Smith. Kick off RSAC Unplugged London 2018 with an authentic discussion of what keeps Emma up at night (aside from overnight flights!) and how she is able to sleep at night.  Security teams need to meet the demands of an evolving business at the centre of a data driven digital economy where consumers and businesses want to exploit modern digital technology in increasingly ambitious ways. Operating successful in this environment and its ever growing threat landscape equals a brave new world for today’s security leaders.  How do you sleep at night?

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Realities of the Digital Transformation: The Threats We Face Today and How to Address Them

Time: 10.20 - 11.00 hrs
Speaker: Siân John, Chief Security Advisor, Northern Europe, Microsoft

Digital transformation initiatives are helping European businesses become more agile and operate more effectively, yet as new technologies are being adopted, new threats are emerging that need to be managed. This session looks at the threat landscape through a European lens, answering questions such as: What are the most significant trends in the current threat landscape? Is it possible to anticipate and prepare for specific threats as we pursue digital transformation? and What might be coming next?

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Don’t Just Know Your Customer, Trust Them

Time: 11.20 - 12.00 hrs
Speaker: David Black, Consultant, ID Crowd

Digital identity is an often misunderstood concept; yet it is simply the result of remotely validating and verifying the identity of a person to establish trust in order to mitigate threats and risks, enhance their customer experience whilst avoiding undue friction in the channel.

During this session David Black will explain the concept of digital identity and identity trust together with the various risks and threats that digital identity can mitigate against, including identity theft and eligibility fraud.

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GDPR’s Information Security Requirements – What Exactly is ‘Appropriate’?

Time: 12.00 – 12.40 hrs
Speaker: John Elliott, Data Protection Specialist

The GDPR requires organisations to take ‘appropriate’ technical and organisational measures to ensure the confidentially, integrity, availability and resilience of personal data. Article 32 gives us some clues as to what factors can help you to decide what is ‘appropriate’ – cost, risk, state of the art, scope and purpose – but it doesn’t provide the magic formula to take all these variables and make your own conclusion. This session will help you find the answer for your organization and consider how a regulator would work out if you’re doing the right things.

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PANEL: Lessons from the Frontline

Time: 13.40 – 14.30 hrs
Moderator: Andy Chandler, Senior Vice President, Blueliv; Panelists: Sharon Barber, Chief Security Officer, Lloyds Banking Group; Paul Hoare, Head of Incident Handling and Operational Support, National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU); Michael Paisley, Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, Verifone; and Teresa Walsh, Global Head of Intelligence, Financial Service Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (FS-ISAC)

Since 2005, cyber criminals have subjected victims to phishing and hijacking attacks, focusing heavily on the Banking and Payment industry in North America and Northern Europe. In the past three years, those same criminals have evolved their pragmatic approach by adding data analytics to their war chest of tools, contributing to an increase in targeted attacks. No industry is immune and every geography is a potential target; you could be next. 

Our panelists were and still are at the frontline of some of the largest attacks as they deal with some of the most sophisticated adversaries in the dark world of the internet. Learn from their experiences during an interactive panel packed with actionable advice peppered with a few funny stories sure to keep things interesting.


From Awareness to Engagement: How to Think Like a Marketer and Turn Your Employees Into Your Best Defence

Time: 14.35 – 15.10 hrs
Speaker: Jim A. Shields, Creative Director, Twist & Shout Media Ltd

Jim Shields makes fun of information security - for a living. Don't worry though - he's using this talent as a force for good within our noble industry. Through his unorthodox work he's helping companies all over the world engage users and help them understand their role in keeping their employers safe from all sorts of data security threats.

Find out how some big names actually run effective awareness campaigns, and how to avoid the trap of thinking you’re doing something whilst not even moving the needle. Practical examples will be included, as well as handy tips on how you can find free resources you can use on your first day back at work.

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Want Better Security? Live Where Your People Live

Time: 15.30 – 16.10 hrs
Speaker: Julia Knecht, Manager, Security & Privacy Architecture, Adobe

Think about your ratio of security staff to product engineers. Expecting the (relatively) small staff of security specialists we all have to handle security and compliance entirely on their own is a recipe for disaster. To truly understand the products you secure, and the engineers who work on those products, you have to play in their sandbox, integrate into their existing processes, remove overhead wherever possible, and speak their language…your security team needs to operate as a service. Automate processes wherever possible to help capture the necessary data to ensure good security is happening – and constantly evolve and improve the quality of that information to ensure it is driving expected behavior. In this talk you’ll learn from Julia how Adobe was able to make this work in relatively short order and how you can take all of the best practices learned and developed back to your organization and create your own “culture of security.”

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Exploit 101: How Hackers Do It

Time: 16.10 – 16.40 hrs
Speaker: James Lyne, Head of R&D, SANS Institute

Many of us use, or interact with people that use penetration testing tools to launch exploits. Yet, few in our industry have ever dissected an exploit and stage by stage built a working attack. In this session @jameslyne will work through a couple of examples showing you exactly, hands on, how attackers do it and bypass controls.

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