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Planning with Rumsfeld: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns

Time: 10.05 – 10.45
Speaker: Dr. Robert S. Coles, Chief Information Security Officer, GlaxoSmithKlein

Security practitioners are facing unprecedented change across the landscapes of threat, policy, business, privacy and technology. Robert will discuss what might be the coming disruptions, through the evening eyes of a seasoned global CISO, and how to plan and deliver an improvement strategy in the face of uncertainty.

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Spotting “Alternative Facts” in Cyber Security Threat Trends

Time: 10.45 – 11.25
Speaker: Etay Maor, Executive Security AdvisorMalware Protection

As cyber security solution become more sophisticated, adaptive and agile – SURPRISE so do the threats! In this session we will review different tools and techniques used by attackers in the last 12 months, malware variants as well as “locally sourced gluten free” goods and services designed specifically for those specifically looking to target Europe. Finally, we will take a look at evolving threats that will affect consumers and enterprises alike.

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GDPR – it’s not the security issue you think it is

Time: 11.40 – 12.20
Speaker: John Elliott, Head of Payment Security, easyJet

If you believe the information security industry, implementing GDPR is a technology problem. That’s plain wrong. Of the 99 articles in GDPR, only one is explicitly about security. We’ll examine that article’s language and discuss what are 'state of the art', 'the rights and freedoms of natural persons' and 'appropriate technical and organisational measures'. However this isn’t the real security problem. To allow data subjects to exercise their fundamental rights, organisations will need to develop ‘rights portals’ which will bring their own security and identity management challenges.

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It's Time To Go Beyond Data Protection, And Protect The Individual

Time: 12.20 – 13.00
Speaker: Robin Wilton, Technical Outreach - Identity and Privacy, Internet Society

Go Beyond ComplianceDespite mature regulations for personal data protection, we continue to see privacy failures that affect citizens and consumers alike: excessive collection; data breaches; unexpected or unwelcome use, and unexpected sharing.     

The problem is systemic, aggravated by powerful economic forces and rapid growth in domains such as smart objects, autonomous systems, and data mining.

This presentation will describe our interlocking work on practical ethical guidance for data controllers, a trust framework for accreditation, and ways to improve users' privacy choices.

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Mr. NeuralNet: How Artificial Intelligence is Learning to Hack Applications

Gaming Gateway to AITime: 13.45 – 14.25
Speaker: Konstantinos Karagiannis, Chief Technology Officer - Security Consulting, BT Americas

Vulnerability scanners have always been plagued by false positives and missed findings. Turns out simulating the way a hacker thinks requires literally simulating the way human beings think. Enter neural networks, which have boosted artificial intelligence. Join Karagiannis for a look at real hardware/software systems that can hack applications with little or no training or human intervention.

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The Human Face of the Enemy Within

Dangers Out There Hacktivist

Time: 14.25 – 15.05
Speaker: Rashmi Knowles, Field CTO EMEA, RSA

Insider threat is no secret. All organisations know it’s here to stay.  So, what is the face of the enemy within, who are the perpetrators? And what types of behavior and personalities are easily led to commit crime against their own organisations?

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Reversing the Year: Let’s Hack IoT, Ransomware and Evasive Payloads

Time: 15.20 – 16.00
Speaker: James, Lyne, Global Head of Security Research, Sophos and SANS

Join @jameslyne for a talk with few slides and more demos than are sensible or reasonable. We will hack IoT devices, deconstruct funny ransomware fails/wins, bypass security controls and more! We’ll do a product security assessment of a couple of IoT devices together, find bugs and exploit them to gain an insight into the common industry faults. Expect debugging, reversing and practical tips.

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Our Current Encryption System

Tales from the Other Side: Behind the Scenes of Operation Phishnet

Time: 16.00 – 16.40
Speaker: Teamlead CyberIntelligenceOps, Bundeskriminalamt, Federal Criminal Police Office, Germany

With overall 25 years of LE experience, Mirko has been heading up the Cyber Intelligence Operations Teams of the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office)in Germany for the past 10 plus years. Prior missions included different aspects of combating international organized crime, Islamic terrorism and software development. His current team forms the German G7-24/7 Contact Point and is the central intake for any international cybercrime-related matters in Germany. Manske holds the rank of a First Detective Chief Inspector and can’t get promoted anymore—which makes operational decisions very easy from time to time.

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