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 Name: Mike K.  Years in Security Industry: 13
 Title: Senior Security Architect  RSA Conferences Attended: 6

What does "Security in knowledge: Mastering data. Securing the world" mean to you?
The theme this year echoes the importance of having context and intelligence related to the threats you face, their tactics, and the information flowing through your enterprise.

Best advice ever received:
Do what you really love and you will never work a day in your life.

Biggest security concern:
Targeted attacks due to the complexity and a very motivated adversary.

Why do you attend RSA® Conference:
The quality of the sessions, the networking opportunities and connecting with friends in the industry are key reasons why I make attending a priority.

Most memorable career moment?
Too many to just pick one.

Favourite session topic:
I attend a lot of the Hackers & Threats sessions. I like anything technical.

Big Data – hype or not?

Most important mentor and why:
A family friend who taught me a lot about working hard and what it takes to truly be successful.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?:
A surgeon.

Perfect day off:
Time practicing at the range or being outdoors in general.

What aspect of your job gets you up in the morning?
I like a challenge and I like to solve problems. I have both of those things in the work I do.

Why do you keep coming back to RSA Conference?
I attend each year because I know I will learn something new and make a valued connection I did not have last year.

Why you're in the security industry:
Every day is new, fresh and exciting. I am always learning and I enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems.

First job:
Mowing lawns.

PC or Mac?
PC & Linux.

Blackberry, Android or iPhone?

What industry-wide changes need to happen in order to improve how security organisations work together?
We need to ensure we are solving problems we really have, and not implement something because someone less informed believes you just have to have it.

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