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 Name: Hoyt K.  Years in Security Industry: 41
 Title: Senior Security Architect  RSA Conferences Attended: 20

What aspect of your job gets you up in the morning?
It's nice to get paid for doing what you enjoy.

Biggest security concern:
People doing stupid stuff.

Big Data – hype or not?
Hype now, a whole new world when a computer can truly evaluate all that data and see things we didn't tell them to look for.

Why do you attend RSA® Conference:
Listen and learn, talk and teach.

Most memorable career moment?

In the early 70s, I was successful in downloading the code for a vector graphics system from a mainframe across a communications line in about a minute instead of via a paper tape in 43 minutes. The problem of communication between two systems led me into distributed systems.

Favourite session topic:
Mock hearing (or is that too egocentric?).

Best advice ever received:
Want to make God laugh. Tell him your plans.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Architect, but one that designed buildings and cities.

Perfect day off:
Surrounded by cats, reading a good book, with good chocolate chip cookies and cold milk at my side.

Why do you keep coming back to RSA Conference?
Because the best people are there.

What does "Security in knowledge: Mastering data, Securing the world" mean to you?
Get on top of your data. If you know it and control it, you're most of the way to securing it.

Biggest professional challenge?
Getting people to realise that the practice of changing passwords periodically has no security value.

Why you're in the security industry:
I got here because I was trying to secure distributed systems.

First job:
Electrical shop for a printing company.

PC or Mac?
You can take my Mac when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Blackberry, Android or iPhone?
iPhone on day 1.

What industry-wide changes need to happen in order to improve how security organisations work together?
Unlikely to happen. Good security can provide competitive advantage; few will give up that advantage.

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