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 Name: Dawn C.  Years in Security Industry: 11
 Title: Technical Manager of Enterprise Threat & Vulnerability Management Team  RSA Conferences Attended: 5

What aspect of your job gets you up in the morning?
Feedback from the community that we’re making an impact.

Big Data – hype or not?

Why you keep coming back to RSA® Conference:
1. It’s one-stop shopping for coming up to speed on the latest and greatest in information security.
2. The more you come, the more people you get to know. Those faces and names in magazines become real people.

Best advice ever received:
Sometimes you just have to say NO! You can’t do it all. – My mom and my boss (hmm – do I sense a pattern here?)

Perfect day off:
Relaxing at our cabin in the mountains.

What does “Security in knowledge: Mastering data, Securing the world” mean to you?

Constant vigilance to the current threat environment and state of the practice as applied to your mission critical assets is crucial to security.

Biggest professional challenge?
Having a successful career while being extremely involved in my kids’ lives as they were growing up. I succeeded, but it was exhausting!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A rock star.

Why you’re in the security industry:
It’s very fulfilling helping to defeat the bad guys!

Most important mentor and why:
My first managers at Westinghouse – they encouraged that shy young girl to have the confidence to succeed in a field that was (and still is) predominantly male-dominated.

Biggest security concern:
Insider threats to national security.

Favourite session topic:
Speakers discussing real-world cyber incidents and lessons learned.

What industry-wide changes need to happen in order to improve how security organisations work together?
Security organisations, e.g., incident management groups, must protect the confidentiality of their constituents and therefore cannot freely share raw data. A trusted broker needs to be established which synthesises and anonymises information from security organisations across the globe and shares that aggregate data back with them for their own analysis purposes.

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