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Mike K.
Senior Security Architect
6-time attendee
Dan H.
Security & Identity Architect
12-time attendee
Denny D.
Multi-year attendee

Mike K., 6-time attendeeMike K., quote
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Dan H., 12-time attendeeDan H., quote
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Denny D., CISODenny D., quote
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John J.
Global Security Program Manager
11-time attendee
Michael A.
Chief Security Architect
18-time attendee
Dawn C.
Technical Manager of Enterprise Threat & Vulnerability Management Team
5-time attendee

John J., 11-time attendeeJohn J., quote
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Michael A., 18-time attendeeMichael A., quote
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Dawn C., 5-time attendeeDawn C., quote
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Davi O.
President, Security Consulting
8-time attendee
Ed S.
Security Instructor and Team Manager
8-time attendee
Jacob W.
Fortify Products
7-time attendee

Davi O., 8-time attendeeDavi O., quote
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Ed S., 8-time attendeeEd S., quote
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Jacob W., 7-time attendeeJacob W., quote
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Hoyt K.
Senior Security Architect
20-time attendee

Hoyt K., 20-time attendeeHoyt K., quote
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