How Secure Are You? What Do You Do Next? Proving Controls Effectiveness (Rapid 7)

  • Wednesday, October 30, 2013 | 12.40 – 12.55 hrs | Room: Demo Stage, Crypto Commons

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Many organizations now have thousands of security controls in place to protect themselves, but few have a true gauge of how well these controls protect against the real and current threats they face. Learn how Rapid7’s new IT security insight solution provides visibility into the effectiveness of these controls, as well as meaningful metrics to help organizations answer the age-old question of “how secure am I?” ControlsInsight is a part of Rapid7’s vision to help security professional and business leaders to sift through the noise, identify relevant threats, and achieve real progress in reducing risk. The first version of ControlsInsight focuses on one of the most likely assets in an organization to be compromised, but also one of the least secure – the endpoint. With ControlsInsight, organizations can see how well their endpoint controls are performing and where to focus their security efforts to make the most progress in reducing risk. These capabilities are supported by a unique analytical model built on the Rapid7’s deep understanding of the threat landscape and effective mitigating controls, combined with risk management best practices and meaningful metrics for executive decision making.

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