Programme Committee

The educational sessions at RSA Conference Europe are selected by a volunteer committee of industry experts. The following individuals comprise the 2013 Programme Committee:

    • John Colley, (ISC)2
    • Adrian Davis, Information Security Forum
    • Greg Day, FireEye
    • Martijn Dekker, ABN Amro Bank
    • Simon Fremont, UBS
    • Neira Jones, The Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science
    • Wolfgang Kandek, Qualys
    • Lesley Kipling, Microsoft
    • Rashmi Knowles, RSA
    • Tom Koehler, Cassidian Cybersecurity GmbH
    • Peter Kunz, Daimler
    • James Lyne, Sophos Ltd.
    • Steven Moyle, Oracle
    • Axel Nennker, Telekom Innovation Laboratories
    • Joshua Pennell, IOActive
    • Toby Stevens, Pixidust, Ltd.
    • Petra ten Berg, IKEA

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