Mike Pegman

Lead Security Architect, UK Government - Department for Work & Pensions

Mike Pegman is Lead Security Architect for Universal Credit at Department for Work and Pensions. Since joining the civil service in 2006 he has led the architecture programmes for the DWP's National Insurance Number database, the potential use of that system as part of the National Identity Register, and the cross-government integration and identity management service, the Government Gateway. On secondment to the Cabinet Office in 2010 he developed the technical options and architecture for the Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP), placing Identity Provider services in the private sector, the first implementation of which is now part of the Universal Credit programme. 
Previously he worked as an architect and thought leader in a range of private sector verticals including manufacturing, logistics and air traffic management, developing scheduling and planning systems, tutoring, mentoring, architecting and procuring high availability and safety related systems.

Mike ’s sessions at Europe 2012

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