John Walker

CTO, Secure-Bastion LTD

John Walker is a Visiting Professor at the School of Computing and Informatics, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), owner and CTO of SBLTD, a specialist Contracting/Consultancy in the arena of IT Security and Forensics, and Security Analytics, the Director of Cyber Research at the Ascot Barclay Group. He is also activity involved with supporting the countering of eCrime, eFraud, and on-line Child Abuse, an ENISA CEI Listed Expert, an Editorial Member of the Cyber Security Research Institute (CRSI), the Chair of the ISACA London SAG, and in July 2012 was appointed Member of the ISACA International Guidance & Practices Committee (GPC), and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS). 
He is a practicing Expert Witness in the area of IT, and the originator, and author of a CPD/MSc Module covering Digital Forensics, and Investigations. 
In the past decade, John has delivered Security Presentations to Global organisations including RSA (Barcelona), Virus Bulletin, and was selected to present a paper at OWASP in Washington DC on the subject of ‘Obscure Security’. He is the author of over 90 published papers, covering topics ranging from Malicious Software, through to Hacking, Hacktivism, and Cyber Crime and Radicals. 
John also has proven track record of vision, and was one of the few Security Professionals to recognise the early threats posed by Computer Viruses, the creation of Worm Technologies, SPAM, Phishing, and of late relating to Cloud Computing Security, and was at the forefront from 1993, raising the debate around the topic of Cyber War, and Cyber Conflict.

John ’s sessions at Europe 2012

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