Alan Woodward

Professor, Department of Computing, University of Surrey

Professor Alan Woodward is not only a subject matter expert in computer security and the impact technology has on business, but also has a very broad range of experience in business experience, including directorships in a number of technology companies. After his postgraduate research in signal processing he worked for the UK government before moving into business. 

Whilst he has particular expertise in cyber security, covert communications, computer forensics and image/signal processing, he is known for his ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple, yet passionate manner. He not only publishes in the academic and trade journals but has articles in the national press and appears on TV and radio. 

During his career, Alan has been involved in some of the most significant advances in computer technology and, although he continues to work in industry, he has returned to academia to be actively involved with research at University. His achievements have resulted in him being elected as a Fellow of various institutions including the British Computer Society, Institute of Physics and Royal Statistical Society, as well as being made a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Physicist, Chartered IT Practitioner and Eur Ing. 

As well as contributing to research, Alan teaches both undergraduate and MSc students in information assurance and cyber security. He also makes considerable effort to communicate with a wider audience through social media to raise awareness of the pitfalls in using the Internet, and, hopefully, how these can be avoided.

Alan ’s sessions at Europe 2012

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