Cyberthreat Landscape in Thailand and the Asia Pacific Region

Time: 10.35 - 11.05 hrs
Speaker: Anup B Kumar, Senior Regional Investigator – Asia, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

The Asia Pacific Region, and Thailand in particular, faces a unique cyberthreat landscape. What should businesses and service-providers be most concerned about? What near and longer term trends are of most concern? What is the cascading effect of threats across borders due to the interdependent nature of organisations? Join for a look at the threats in region and practical recommendations for defense.

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Operational and Architectural Opportunities to Better Secure Businesses

Time: 11.10 – 11.40 hrs
Speaker: Dave Lewis, Global Advisory CISO, Cisco Systems

No organisation is exempt from attack. Assets of value exist everywhere, and businesses must understand their supply chain and where they fit in others’ supply chains and the potential they have in being a stepping stone to compromising a high value target. Organisations need to strategically think about how they do business and understand how new technologies and processes can positively impact their overall security posture. This session explores operational and architectural approaches, including zero trust, cloud, and digital transformation, and is full of case studies and examples of tangible do’s and don’ts and lessons learned.

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Who Owns Your Digital Breadcrumbs?

Time: 11.45 – 12.15 hrs
Speaker: Jeffrey Blatt, Of Counsel, Tilleke & Gibbins International

Every moment of every day connected persons, IOT devices and enterprises generate an unending stream of data. Virtually all of the data created is held and controlled by third parties. Who owns and/or has access to the data each of us generates? In 2019 what does ‘data privacy’ mean? We will explore data privacy, government access and commercial use in light of current issues and some recent regional legislation.

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Understanding the Threats to Intelligently Defend

Time: 13:35 – 14:05
Speaker: Leonard Kleinman, Chief Cyber Security Advisor Asia Pacific Japan, RSA

Individuals and businesses can potentially be compromised using various intelligence gathering techniques including social engineering and social media data collection tools such as open source intelligence (OSINT). This highly visual interactive session will demonstrate just how easily this can be done and offer recommendations of how to best defend against it with a risk-centered orientation.

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Detection & Response: Building Effective SOC Operations

Time: 14.10 - 14.40 hrs
Speaker: Tithirat Siripattanalert, Chief Information Security Office and Chief Data Officer at True Digital Group

Our day concludes with an insider’s view of how to effectively plan for and build a SOC (Security Operations Center). Seasoned CISO Tithirat Siripattanalert will share her internal journey in building True Digital Group’s capabilities, overviewing what a SOC is/isn’t, how to operate, who needs a SOC, and why? She’ll share best practices in this not-to-be-missed business discussion of technical, process and personnel considerations.

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