Topics & Tracks

Below are the topics and tracks for this year's Conference. 

Analytics, Intelligence & Response

This track covers the application of investigative and analytic techniques that help organizations anticipate, identify, contain, investigate and resolve incidents in the enterprise. It also explores threat intelligence gathering, automating response, and sharing across technologies and organizations.

Cloud, Mobile & IoT Security

This track features in-depth sessions on using and leveraging cloud services, device management, emerging threats to mobile platforms and workers, and the implications of interconnectivity of everything. Expert speakers will share practical experiences on improving security in the cloud, protecting and managing user data in a mobile workplace, and big data analytics.

The Human & Process Security

This track explores the business and management issues of implementing successful security programs, such as operational risk strategies, measurement, audit and compliance as well as people-related issues like social networking/engineering and security awareness programs. Transformative new paradigms, such as zero trust, security at scale, DevSecOps and automation, will be covered, showcasing how companies are rethinking business processes via digital transformation as they re-implement security controls into critical business processes. 

eFraud, Threats & Law Enforcement

This track provides the latest information and practical demonstrations of techniques to address eFraud and the growing underground economy. It covers strategies to enable local law enforcement personnel to collaborate more closely with international police organizations as well as tap global intelligence for tackling high-tech crimes and formulate appropriate cybersecurity policies. We explore the threat landscape, threat actors, new classes of vulnerabilities and the Dark Web, identifying and addressing emerging crime threats, eFraud, intellectual property theft, and environmental and organized crime.

Global Perspectives      

This track features leading information security professionals from across the globe talking about today’s most pressing matters across the cybersecurity spectrum.

Policy, Government & Regulations

This track features sessions on current and proposed government strategies, policies, legislation and standards that could shape the direction of cloud computing, critical infrastructure protection, public private-partnerships, big data initiatives, cyberthreat intelligence sharing, industry standards and security compliance requirements for years to come.

Strategy, Architecture & Data Security

This track covers the policy, planning and emerging areas of enterprise security architecture, including exploration of supply chain integrity, critical infrastructure, smart city security, and data sovereignty. Proven perspectives on strategies, practices and technologies leading organizations are using to classify, track and protect data as well as strategies to manage security of networks, endpoints, and systems today and in the future, including rights management, quantum computing and blockchain, will be explored.

Sponsor Special Topics

Expert speakers on this track share proven best practices and steps that organizations can use to better understand security risks and challenges, secure corporate data and information assets, and balance the offense and defensive elements of a security strategy to positively impact business and revenue opportunities.



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