Learning Labs

The Learning Labs are deep dive facilitated experiences, designed to immerse attendees in interactive exercises and discussions. Attendance is capped at 64 participants, assuring that every person in the room has the opportunity to engage with the facilitator and get the most out of the experience. Unlike a traditional track session with the “sage on the stage,” the Learning Lab facilitator is a “guide on the side” leading participants through the content and exercises, while challenging them to apply what they are learning and engage with one another.

The Learning Labs are free to Full Conference passholders. Press, Expo and Visitor passholders are unable to enroll for these Labs.

Holistically Mitigating Human Vulnerabilities and Attacks

Tuesday, 16 July | 09.30 - 11.30 hrs | Orchid 4312

Most data breaches result from user failings. The response is to implement awareness, but alone it is unsuccessful. In this lab, attendees will work through common attacks targeting people; identify an appropriate combination of technology, process and awareness; and prepare their organisations to effectively mitigate human vulnerabilities with a combination of technology, process and awareness.

Velociraptor Hands-On Tutorial: Advanced Distributed Forensic Collection and Analysis

Tuesday, 16 July | 12.30 - 14.30 hrs | Orchid 4312

Participants will learn how to setup and use Velociraptor, a powerful new open-source tool for network-based surgical forensic evidence collection and analysis, by walking through a series of real-life investigation scenarios including analysing program execution, searching for evidence of lateral movement, hunting for attacker IOCs and performing continuous security monitoring.

This is a hands-on technical Lab and all attendees should bring their own Windows 10 laptop to fully participate.



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