Mobile App FAQ

How do I reserve a seat in the mobile app?

RSA Conference is excited to announce Reserve a Seat! Now you have the ability to enroll in your chosen sessions prior to the Conference! We strongly recommend reserving a seat as early as possible—it’s the best way to help ensure your best Conference experience.       

Reserving a seat in the mobile app can be done from the session detail pages by clicking the + sign and selecting “Reserve a Seat.”   

Reserve a Seat

The first time you click on the button, you will be prompted for your username and password (if you haven’t already logged in). This is the same username/password you created when you registered for the conference.

login screen 

Once you’ve reserved a seat (enrolled) in a session, the selection will change from “Reserve a seat” to “Cancel enrollment.” To cancel enrollment in a session, click on the “Cancel Enrollment” selection from the session detail page.

If the session has reached capacity, you will get an error message indicating that the session is full. If you would still like to attend that session, you can arrive prior to that session as a standby. If someone who enrolled in that session does not show up, standbys will be allowed to attend on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I navigate to a session detail page to reserve a seat?

You can navigate to the session detail page by using the Sessions/Events feature on the mobile app and making the appropriate selection from the list (below):

Sessions and Events 

Then select a specific session: 

Specific session 

You can also use the search feature to locate a session detail page:

 Search Feature

What is shown in My Schedule in the mobile app (vs the website view of My Schedule)?

The “My Schedule” feature in the mobile app will show any session where you have reserved a seat (enrolled). That is the same as the default view on the website. The mobile app does not support the new “My Favorite” listing that can be found on the website this year. A few session types, like keynotes for example, do not allow for Reserve A Seat (they can only be added to My Favorites) so they will not show up in My Schedule. We are looking to add the My Favorite feature to the mobile app in the future. For more information about Reserve A Seat on our website, click here

Reserve a Seat details

  • You must be registered for RSA Conference 2017 Asia Pacific & Japan before you can begin reserving seats
  • Reserve a Seat is only valid for one session in a given time slot
  • If an event is not listed on the Sessions & Workshops page (such as Keynotes, Briefing Center sessions, etc.)—or if you do not see a Reserve a Seat button associated with an event—it is not part of the Reserve a Seat program
  • Reserve a Seat closes 60 minutes prior
  • The line opens 30 minutes prior
  • The line closes 10 minutes prior
  • Reserved seats are released 10 minutes prior

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