Scott Rea

Sr. PKI Architect & VP GOV/EDU Relations, DigiCert Inc

DigiCert Senior PKI Architect Scott Rea is a globally sought-after speaker and thought leader who influences the development of globally emerging PKI policies, practices and applications.

Rea is a founding member and current board member of, and the Co-Chair of the DirectTrust Certificate Policies and Practices Working Group. Rea is also the Vice Chair of The Americas Grid Policy Management Authority (TAGPMA), a previous Chair of TAGPMA and the International Grid trust Federation (IGTF). He is a board member and director/administrator of the Research & Education Bridge Certification Authority (REBCA), and past director/administrator of the U.S. Higher Education Root (USHER) and the Higher Education Bridge Certificate Authority (HEBCA). A native Australian and CISSP, Rea holds an MS in Computer Science from Queensland University of Technology as well as BS degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Scott’s sessions at Asia Pacific 2013

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