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The RSA Conference Asia Pacific Mobile App enhances your RSA Conference experience by bringing real-time Conference information directly to your fingertips. This app gives you access to the latest session and keynote schedule, exhibitor listings and venue maps. Additionally, this dynamic tool gives you the ability to:

  • Build and organize your schedule with the click of a button
  • Sync your schedule with multiple devices so changes you made on one device will show on the other
  • Receive up-to-the-minute schedule changes with alerts
  • Take notes during sessions and then rate and provide feedback on sessions you’ve attended
  • Locate the exhibitors you want to visit on the Expo map
  • Connect with your fellow RSA Conference Asia Pacific attendees
  • Share your experiences and join in on RSA Conference discussions via Twitter

Be sure to download prior to your trip to take advantage of pre-Conference planning tools and to avoid international data charges!

Download Now

Want a fast way to access the RSA Conference mobile app without having to type the URL into your browser? Just send a text to +1 6162-RSAC-AP (or +1 616-277-2227) and instantly receive the URL! Then just click to download!
(standard text messaging rates apply)

Works with the following operating systems:

ios  android  browser

Download the App and Win!

We are giving away one 32 GB Apple®iPad Mini to a randomly selected attendee who downloads the RSA Conference Asia Pacific mobile app and submits evaluations through the app for at least three sessions. Be sure to provide your name, email address and a phone number where you can be reached in the comments section of your three evaluations in order to qualify for a chance to win!

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Mobile App User Instructions

You will need to create an account for use with the RSA Conference Asia Pacific mobile app.

Create An Account
1) Open the app click the gear icon in the top left corner


2) Click Create New Account

new account 

3) Enter the requested information and click Submit.


Create A Profile
1) Open the RSA Conference Asia Pacific 2013 mobile app and click on the Friends icon on the Dashboard.


2) This will prompt you to create your own "My Profile." Then you can connect with other Attendees and share your schedule.


Sync Multiple Devices
You can sync your schedule (sessions, abstracts, and events) and exhibitor bookmarks between a desktop computer and multiple devices running the RSA Conference Asia Pacific mobile app.You will also need to download the app and set up multi-device sync on each device you plan to use. All devices should be linked to the same account.Please remember that each device must be refreshed after any changes are made, in order to sync those changes to the other devices.

1) Open RSA Conference Asia Pacific 2013 mobile app and click the gear icon on the Dashboard.


2) Click on Multi Device Sync


3) If you created your account on a computer, click Additional Device. If you are creating your account from a mobile device, click First Device.

mobile device 

4) Enter the requested information and click Submit. If successful, you will receive a notification that the link was successful, and the device will sync.


5) For each additional device, repeat the instructions above, this time selecting Additional Device. This step is very important!

add device 

Manage Your Schedule

1) Click on Sessions to view the Program and begin creating your own "My Schedule." If you View By Day, be sure to click on the arrow by the day to view the next day's events.

2) Add sessions, abstracts, or events to your schedule by selecting the star icon for that entry.

big data 


If you are using a mobile device to manage your schedule (either adding or removing items on your calendar), you must refresh your device to save these changes and make them accessible on another device. If you are managing your schedule from your computer, you will be prompted to login before making any changes, and no refreshing will be required.To view your updated schedule on a different mobile device, please remember to refresh the device so it will sync with the latest changes to your schedule.


Once you're familiar with all of the stellar sessions we are presenting this year, then check out the rest of the icons on the Dashboard. We have many special features including Exhibitors, Maps, Local Places to visit while you're in town, Photos where you can post your own photos, links to all of our Social Media channels, Alerts, and much more!

Tip Sheets

View these Tip Sheets for quick tricks and tips to use the RSA Conference Asia Pacific Mobile App most effectively!

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