Conference Tracks

  • Cloud & Virtualization Security

    Cloud Security includes security architecture in the cloud, governance, risks, migration issues, identity management and case studies. This track includes sessions on the security aspects of virtualization such as deployment models, VM integrity and virtualization architecture.

  • Cybercrime & Law Enforcement

    This track will specifically study cybercrime and its effect on all stakeholders. It will bring in law enforcement perspectives and look into digital forensics techniques and strategies in tackling cybercrimes. This session will also explore the legal, education and social issues underlying cybercrime policies such as the issue of Privacy against Forensics, and Security. Topics covered include cyber bullying, harassment, organised crime, detection and prevention, benchmarking, attribution and other interdisciplinary elements such as e-education, e-citizens’ behaviour, rights and responsibilities.

  • Data & Application Security

    Application Security focuses on topics such as secure design, development, implementation and operation of packaged and custom-developed applications. Topics will also include mitigation of threats from the increasing use of applications outside the enterprise via the web and cloud computing infrastructures, Data Security covers strategies, practices, and technologies to classify, track and protect data and will cover issues such as privacy, regulations and big data trends.

  • Keynotes

    Keynote presentations by industry leaders.

  • Mobile Security

    Mobile Security will focus on policies, processes and technologies for managing employee-owned devices/BYOD programs, smartphone/tablet security and consumerization trends. This track has sessions on mobile malware, application threats, device management and emerging threats to mobile platforms.

  • Security Infrastructure

    This track focuses on the core elements of security architecture. Technology Infrastructure covers network and endpoint security, IDS/IPS and physical security. Many sessions are highly technical and dive deep into a particular area. These sessions will cover the latest trends and experiences in building systems that are resilient to attack.

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