Agenda at a Glance

Sessions are subject to change

Time Agenda Item
07.00 – 18.00 hrs Registration
08.30 – 11.00 hrs Keynote Sessions
  08.40 – 08.50 hrs – Vincent Goh
  08.50 – 09.00 hrs – Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad
  09.00 – 09.20 hrs – James Pang
  09.20 – 09.50 hrs – Arthur Coviello, Jr.
  09.50 – 10.20 hrs – Terry Ray (Sponsored by MTech)
  10.20 – 10.50 hrs – Nawaf Bitar
10.30 – 17.30 hrs Expo Open
11.00 – 11.15 hrs Tea break
11.15 – 12.05 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: Accelerating The Analyst Workflow: Learning From Investigative Actions
  Cloud Security Track: Practical Identity and Access Management for Cloud – A Primer on Three Common Adoption Patterns for Cloud Security
  Data & Application Security Track: Vulnerability Management and Research – Penetration Testing Overview
  Mobile Security Track: Application Security: From Web to Mobile. Different Vectors and New Attacks
  Security Infrastructure Track2013: Attack Trends For The Year Ahead
  Security Infrastructure TrackCutting Through the Hype: What is True "Next Generation" Security?
12.05 – 13.05 hrs Lunch
12.30 – 12.50 hrs SANS Forensic Treasure Hunt
13.05 – 13.55 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: An Investigation Into The Methods Used For Trafficking of Child Abuse Material
  Cloud Security Track: Know thy Self, Know thy Enemy
  Cloud Security TrackCommon IT Security Mistakes Made by Asian Organisations
  Data & Application Security Track: Big Data Calls For Big Security!
  Mobile Security Track: BYOD and Next–Generation Mobile Security
  Security Infrastructure Track: Arming Security Investigators – Architecting Solutions for Security Investigations and Monitoring
14.10 – 15.00 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: Taking Down The World's Largest Botnets
  Cloud Security Track: APAC of Possibilities – Tips for Increasing Cloud Security and Adoption
  Data & Application Security Track: Securing REST APIs – Protecting the new world of Mobile and Cloud services, using OAuth and API Keys
  Data & Application Security TrackData and Application Security: A Context Based Approach
  Mobile Security Track: STAMP:An Automated Unknown Zero–Day Vulnerability Discovery System for Mobile Platforms
  Security Infrastructure Track: Assuming a State of Compromise: Effective Detection of Security Breaches
15.00 – 15.15 hrs Tea break
15.15 – 16.05 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: The Future of Digital Forensics
  Cloud Security Track: How To Make Security Everyones Responsibility in the Modern Enterprise
  Data & Application Security Track: My Experiments With Truth: A Different Route to Bug Hunting
  Mobile Security Track: The True Cost of Security – The Impact to End Use QoS in a Mobile World
  Mobile Security Track: Secure Freedom
  Security Infrastructure Track: DDoS Attacks: Motives, Mechanisms, and Mitigation
16.20 – 17.10 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: The Three Adversaries – Know Your Enemy
  Cloud Security Track: Rethinking Web–Application Architecture for the Cloud
  Data & Application Security Track: Securing Software Against Library Attacks
  Mobile Security Track: Preventing Zero–Day Attacks in Mobile Devices
  Security Infrastructure Track: Extending Network Security: Taking a Threat-Centric Approach to Security
17:15 – 19.00 hrs Welcome Reception
Time Agenda Item
07.00 – 17.00 hrs Registration
08.30 – 09.40 hrs Keynote Sessions
  08.30 – 09.00 hrs – Hugh Thompson
  09.00 – 09.20 hrs – Rob Rachwald
  09.20 – 09.40 hrs – Dan Lamorena
09.55 – 10.45 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: The e–fraud Storm is Coming: How to Detect It Early and Protect Yourself
  Cloud Security Track: Ma, I Got Me A Cloud Too! Building and Managing a Security Private Cloud
  Data & Application Security Track: Architecture of a New DDoS And Web Attack Mitigation System For Data Center
  Mobile Security Track: The Droid Exploitation Saga
  Security Infrastructure Track: Cyber Security Operation with Cyber Intelligence Reporting
10.30 – 17.30 hrs Expo Open
10.45 – 11.00 hrs Tea break
11.00 – 11.50 hrs Track Sessions
  Mobile Security Track: Secure Mobile App Development: Differences from Traditional Approach
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: Lessons Learned From a Rigorous Analysis of Two Years of Zero–Day Attacks
  Cloud Security Track: Cloud Security Through COBIT, ISO 27001 ISMS Controls, Assurance and Compliance
  Data & Application Security Track: Removing the Mystery of Security Engines & Their Effect On Your Network
  Security Infrastructure Track: Alternatives to Certification Authorities for a Secure Web
11.50 – 12.50 hrs Lunch
12.15 – 12.35 hrs (ISC)² – Does Better Security Contribute to Your Bottom Line?
12.50 – 13.40 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: DNS Attacks On The Rise –– Rethink Your Security Posture
  Cloud Security Track: New Threats to Cloud Infrastructure and Big Data
  Data & Application Security Track: The State of SAP Security 2013: Vulnerabilities, Threats and Trends
  Mobile Security Track: Developing an Enterprise Mobile Security Strategy
  Mobile Security Track: BYOD and Mobile Security: Empowering Employees While Securing Corporate Assets
  Security Infrastructure Track: Understanding and Building Threat Models
13.55 – 14.45 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: APTs By The Dozen: Dissecting Advanced Attacks
  Cloud Security Track: Hacking the Virtualized World
  Data & Application Security Track: Cloud Security – Are You Forgetting Something
  Mobile Security Track: Mobile Web Reputation: Tracing Bad Territories on Your Smartphone
  Security Infrastructure Track: Advanced Threats and Intelligent Defense
14.45 – 15.00 hrs Tea break
15.00 – 15.50 hrs Track Sessions
  Cybercrime & Law Enforcement Track: Sharing Threat Intelligence Analytics For Collaborative Attack Analysis
  Cloud Security TrackSmile You've Been Profiled: How Intrusion Deception Is Shrinking Hacker Profits
  Data & Application Security Track: Contextual Privacy – Redefining Privacy For The Perpetually Connected World
  Mobile Security Track: The New Type of Mobile Malware Which Utilizes Stolen Personal Information
  Security Infrastructure Track: DARPA Active Authentication Program: Behavioral Biometrics
12.00 – 17.30 hrs Keynote Speaker Green Room
16.05 – 17.30 hrs Closing Keynotes
  16.05 – 16.25 hrs – Francis F. Trentley
  16.25 – 16.45 hrs – Matthew Gyde
  16.45 – 17.30 hrs – Frank Abagnale

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