Conference Tracks

Below are the topics and tracks for this year's Conference. 

Cybercrime & Threats 

This track provides the latest information and practical demonstrations of techniques to address cybercrime and threats.  Sessions will explore the threat landscape, financial fraud, ransomware, cyber terrorism & warfare, child protection, malware, exploitation techniques, hacktivism, and how to combat these problems.  

Cloud, IoT and Smart City Security

Smart cities need good answers to more and more complex security and safety issues.  This track covers the latest on the security aspects of using and leveraging cloud services, virtualization, the Internet of Things, mobile, mobile apps, drones, Big Data analytics, smart grid, social engineering, machine learning, and identity.

Analytics & Incident Response    

Analytics & Incident Response covers the application of investigation and analytic techniques that help organizations contain, investigate, and resolve incidents, as well as discover patterns for future prevention. This track also covers threat intelligence gathering and sharing across technologies and organizations. 

Security Strategy, Infrastructure & Operations

This track covers the planning and emerging areas of enterprise security architecture and the business and management issues of implementing successful security programs, such as operational risk strategies, audit & compliance, as well as awareness & education. Sessions will include the structures and tools needed to build a security program that enables, informs, and enhances business processes.

Sponsor Special Topics

Our sponsors provide the content for this track, which focuses on today's most pressing matters. Expert speakers on this track will share proven best practices and steps that organizations can use to better understand security risks and challenges; secure corporate data and information assets; and shift security from just a defensive expense to an offensive differentiator that positively impacts business and revenue opportunities.

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