Eng. Mohammed Al Zarooni

Deputy Director General for Information & e-Government Sector, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Mohammed Zarooni has 15 years of experience in the ICT sector. He is the Head of the Policy and Programs Department at the TRA. At the TRA, he handles several key responsibilities, which include developing national-level plans and strategies, ensuring their alignment with the national goals and their compliance with local laws and promoting the ICT sector. His strategic roles involve assisting the development and implementation of the information and e-government strategy in alignment with the TRA and the national objectives under Vision 2021 and contributing to the TRA’s vision, mission and strategy to ensure the delivery of short, medium and long-term objectives, operational plans and KPIs. Handling key operational plans and KPIs involves developing operational plans for the Policies and Programs Department while ensuring that they align with other initiatives of the TRA and contributing to setting and monitoring KPIs pertaining to the initiatives of the information and e-government sector. In the field of regulations, policies and standards, he manages the development of the regulations, policies, processes and standards of the information and e-government sector to ensure fulfillment of the relevant legislative requirements while delivering a quality and cost-effective service. Zarooni’s contribution in the field of ICT improvement and programs is commendable. He encourages and promotes the establishment and development of ICT-based projects in the UAE to enhance the UAE government’s information infrastructure. He also directs information and cybersecurity programs and initiatives (such as Internet domain names, .aeCERT, etc.) to ensure that objectives of the initiative are achieved in line with the TRA’s strategies and plans. He encourages and promotes public and private sector collaboration on projects and initiatives that enhance the UAE’s information sector. He takes effort to remain abreast of the latest global technologies and developments in the ICT sector to make informed recommendations to the TRA on technologies and developments that can be introduced in the UAE. He ensures the continuous development and promotion of critical Internet resources such as domain names, IP addresses, Internet exchange etc. He enhances the UAE government’s readiness for electronic services in a cost effective and consistent manner. In addition, he also ensures the quality of the e-services to ensure that they are in line with the strategy, processes, standards and service-level agreements (SLA). As the Department Head, Zarooni’s daily management involves managing the operations of the Department, providing guidance and expert advice to his team, encouraging teamwork, facilitating work processes and ensuring a motivated work environment to achieve high performance. In the area of human resources, he oversees recruitment, training and development and performance management of his team. He recruits Emirati talent and contributes to the achievement of Emiratization requirements within the information and e-government sector. He also ensures development and retention of Emirati nationals in line with TRA’s targets and operational needs. In the area of internal and external relations, he maintains a network of industry contacts and manages key relations and negotiations to ensure effective management of policy and programs’ matters. He ensures liaising with other departments in the sector and beyond as and when required.

Eng. Mohammed’s sessions at Abu Dhabi 2016

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