Join us in the RSA Conference Sandbox, a hands-on and interactive virtual experience where you can test your cybersecurity skills – and learn new ones. The Sandbox is open to All Access Pass holders. With different, individual Sandboxes happening each day, this year the Sandbox opens on Monday, May 17 and continues through the last day of the Conference on Thursday, May 20.

Aerospace Sandbox

Brought by Aerospace Village

Dependence on connective technologies exposes the aerospace ecosystem to new types of risks. Discover how savvy aerospace companies, security researchers, and the public are working towards a safe, reliable, and trustworthy aerospace environment.

Monday, May 17 | 9:50 AM – 4:10 PM PT

AppSec Sandbox

Brought by AppSec Village

Software runs the world. Everything from IoT, medical devices, the power grid, smart cars, and voting apps has software behind it. Come learn from the best of the best on how to exploit software vulnerabilities and secure the software that is the foundation of our dynamic world.

Thursday, May 20 | 9:00 AM – 3:20 PM PT

Biohacking Sandbox

Brought by Biohacking Village

Global health ingenuity is on the rise thanks to cross-industry collaboration. Learn how the security research and healthcare communities are developing real solutions for humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Monday, May 17 | 9:50 AM – 4:10 PM PT

ICS Sandbox

Brought by ICS Village

ICS Village will be back at RSAC 2021 with a lot of new and exciting content. We have been working hard to update our website, create new content for our Capture the Flag, and a hack on an industrial process using real-world Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP), and selecting outstanding session content.

Tuesday, May 18 | 9:20 AM – 3:40 PM PT
Thursday, May 20 | 9:00 AM – 3:20 PM PT

IoT Sandbox

Brought by IoT Village

IoT Village advocates for advancing security in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry by bringing researchers and industry together and hosting talks, interactive hacking labs, live bug hunting and hacking contests. It has served as a platform to uncover hundreds of new vulnerabilities, giving attendees the opportunity to learn about the most innovative techniques to both hack and secure IoT. 

Monday, May 17 | 9:50 AM – 4:10 PM PT
Wednesday, May 19 | 9:20 AM – 3:40 PM PT

Red Team Sandbox

Brought by Red Team Village

Red Team Village is a community driven combat readiness village for Red Teaming and Adversarial attack simulation tactics.

Monday, May 17 | 9:50 AM – 1:00 PM PT

Wednesday, May 19 | 10:50 AM – 3:40 PM PT

SANS NetWars

Brought by SANS

Back by popular demand, SANS Core NetWars Tournament is a staple in the RSAC Sandbox. Compete with your peers in a hands-on cybersecurity challenge developed to build and enhance your skills as a cybersecurity professional.

Tuesday, May 18 | 12:45 PM – 2:55 PM PT
Wednesday, May 19 | 12:45 PM – 2:55 PM PT

Supply Chain Village

Brought by I Am The Calvary 

Supply chain management is a critical factor of business success. Explore the impacts of supply chain issues and learn concepts and approaches to manage cyber supply chains more effectively. 

Tuesday, May 18 | 9:20 AM – 3:40 PM PT


Explore 8 different sandboxes, each focusing on a unique topic that impacts today's cybersecurity industry and our ability to protect tomorrow's future. Topics include aerospace, application security, ICS, IoT, medical devices, network security red teaming and supply chain. View details for each sandbox.

Sandbox Session Formats:

It’s our popular Birds of a Feather format—with an online twist. Participate in published, planned topics facilitated by leading industry experts. You never know where the conversation may lead! Birds of a Feather sessions are open to All Access attendees only. Note: Press is not permitted in Birds of a Feather sessions.

An expert-led session that will walk through a technical demo and invite attendees via chat or video participation to ask questions.

Lightning Talks are a series of short, informal talks given by multiple experts in a given field over a 40 minute session. There will be three speakers, each with <7 minutes to get their idea across. Then, we will move on to the next speaker to discuss a completely new topic. Attendees will have the opportunity for brief Q&A after each talk. 

New to Capture the Flag (CTF)? Never played with an interactive lab? Just want to learn more or have an expert on hand to answer questions live while jumping into a CTF? Join an expert who will walk you through getting started on a CTF – multiple disciplines are offered (see below)..

Designed to test your skills, there will be a variety of CTF events and labs available in the Sandbox this year, more details are coming soon.
  • SANS NetWars: SANS Core NetWars Tournament is a hands-on cybersecurity challenge developed to build and enhance your skills as a cybersecurity professional. Compete with your peers through progressively difficult challenges and score points on our interactive scoreboard either by yourself or in a team of up to five players. SANS NetWars Tournament was designed for novice (hints available) to advanced professionals and covers various aspects of penetration testing, forensics, defense, and your ability to rely on your experiences and problem-solving skills to navigate from Level 1 through Level 5 of gameplay. Watch a video to learn more. Brought by SANS.
  • Red Team Hacking: This lab walks you through different exercises related to hacking modern web applications. We will use tools like Websploit 2.0 and others to take you through conception to active control. Participants will also receive tons of materials and additional exercises that you can complete on your own. Take advantage of VMs and Docker containers that were created to practice your skills. Brought by Red Team & Joseph Mlodzianowski.


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