• RSAC Innovation Sandbox Win Spurs Rapid Growth at UnifyID

    by Grace Chang on February 13, 2018

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    Last year, RSA Conference (RSAC) named its first unanimous Innovation Sandbox winner in its 12-year competition history, UnifyID, as RSAC 2017’s most innovative startup. Innovation Sandbox is the premiere security startup showcase of newcomers excited to share the very best and newest advancements in the field of cybersecurity. Popularized by a who’s who of security experts and investors, the Innovation Sandbox judging panel selects one winner live in an audience well-attended by executive…

  • Tips from Top CISOs: Reporting to the Board - What Works? What Doesn’t?

    by Laura Robinson on February 12, 2018

    Cybersecurity is the number one agenda item for corporate boards in 2018 according to a recent survey of directors.[1] It’s no surprise that boards are focused on managing cybersecurity risks. Last year, a steady stream of headline-grabbing data breaches dealt a major blow to many companies’ earnings and valuations; some companies are still reeling from the impact. This year will also see the…

  • The Road for Cybersecurity in 2018

    by Robert Ackerman Jr. on February 9, 2018

    Every year, global investment in cybersecurity increases and pretty much so does investment in cyber startups. And so the inevitable question arises: Are we approaching or already in a cybersecurity bubble, fueled in part by venture capitalists? The quick answer is yes and no. According to Gartner Inc. worldwide spending on cybersecurity exceeded $86 billion in 2017, an increase of 7%, and will…

  • 15,000+ RSAC Speaking Submissions: How The World Talks Security

    by Wade Baker on February 8, 2018

    Perhaps you’ve noticed the slogan of the RSA Conference is “Where the World Talks Security.” It’s a good slogan. But have you ever wondered “how” the world talks security? That’s definitely of interest to the RSA Conference organizers as well as us here at the Cyentia Institute. So, we combined our collective data and analytical powers to study that question in a report that’s just been released. …

  • SecDevOps: The Space Cowboys of the Future

    by RSAC Editorial Team on February 6, 2018

    *Warning this post or embedded links may contain spoilers* Note: This is part two of a five-part monthly series to kick off 2018 in which we take a look at characters from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and how technology, topics, and trends from the cybersecurity world compare to characters and themes from the blockbuster film. We hope you enjoy our blog series in which the…

  • Ben's Book of the Month: Review of "Beyond Snowden: Privacy, Mass Surveillance, and the Struggle to Reform the NSA"

    by Ben Rothke on January 31, 2018

    One of the mistakes when questioning what Edward Snowden did, is that it is often framed in a yes or no framework. Questions like “was Snowden a patriot or a traitor?” and “was he right or wrong?” are ill-chosen given the complexity of what he did and exposed. In Beyond Snowden: Privacy, Mass Surveillance, and the Struggle to Reform the NSA (Brookings Institution Press 978-0815730637) author…

  • Federal Law Needed to Motivate Retailers and Others to Disclose Breach Details

    by Tony Kontzer on January 31, 2018

    The numbers provide a constant and disturbing reminder: T.J. Maxx, 2006, 94 million credit card numbers Heartland Payment Systems, 2009, 130 million credit card numbers Target, 2013, 40 million credit card numbers Home Depot, 2014, 50 million credit card numbers These are the biggest breaches we know have that have hit the retail industry but they're far from the only ones. In fact, IT security…

  • Congressional Votes on Controversial Surveillance Law Close Door on Privacy Debate—Or Do They?

    by Tony Kontzer on January 29, 2018

    Everywhere Americans look today, threats to their privacy are prevalent. Whether hackers are gaining access to our financial data or social media accounts, our location is being compromised by the GPS technology in our phones, or Internet of Things devices such as digital assistants and connected Barbie dolls passively listening to conversations in our homes, privacy is proving to be increasingly…

  • Early Stage but Future-Forward: A CMO’s Perspective of RSAC Early Stage Expo

    by Lori Cohen on January 26, 2018

    For any cybersecurity startup, there is one conference that should be top of mind – RSA Conference. The RSA Conference is where all the leading industry experts in the private and public space gather to discuss, educate and share information to help to fight cyber threats and proactively manage risk. You are not acting like a lemming to want to attend, it’s a business imperative. However, for…

  • Bots and Retail: From Bricks to Clicks

    by Dave Lewis on January 24, 2018

    As we step around the smoldering husks of systems from the holiday shopping season and those that were affected by Spectre and Meltdown madness, we can’t help but to look at the road that took us to this point. Of course I’m being somewhat tongue and cheek. Years ago I spent some time working in a record shop. It was a part time job while I took courses in university and worked in a local radio…

  • Book Review: The Woman Who Smashed Codes

    by Ben Rothke on January 19, 2018

    One of the challenges of working for the NSA, is that employees don’t have the freedom to share what they do with the professional community at large. Whether it is blogging, writing articles, participating in industry meetings or the like, NSA employees simply can’t do that. It’s not just the NSA, it pretty much every security agency of most countries. While many people think that public-key…

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