• Middle East Malware: Threats and Trends

    by Kenneth Geers on September 19, 2017

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    The Middle East is home to the world’s oldest nations – and some of the world’s oldest conflicts. And while the Great Powers, especially the U.S., Russia, and China, have dominated the “cyber war” headlines, the truth is that every country on Earth is now defending its sovereignty, and projecting power, in cyberspace. In 2004, at DEF CON in Las Vegas, Duke University Professor Peter Feaver and I discussed the digital dimension of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Even thirteen years ago, we found…

  • Building the Right Security Budget

    by Todd Inskeep on September 13, 2017

    September, and Fall, signal the harvest for farmers, and for CISOs. The project seeds that were planted earlier in the year are getting implemented and showing results. This is also the time when planning starts for next year. In farming terms: what crops and seeds are needed; where do you fertilize; and which fields need rotating? For CISOs the planning and budget process often starts and stops…

  • Cybersecurity Automation Is Coming to the Rescue

    by Robert Ackerman Jr. on September 7, 2017

    Every now and then, it may seem as though the explosive growth of increasingly sophisticated, novel and successful cyberattacks is overwhelming. Who can keep up and fend off the attacks? Certainly not the federal government, and certainly not most major corporations. Further undermining a strong defensive posture is the swelling shortage of cybersecurity specialists– more than 1 million globally…

  • The UEBA Evolution: You Gotta Be a Wolf to Catch Coffee

    by Ryan Stolte on September 1, 2017

    I’d like to submit that the heyday of User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) technology is upon us, despite many preconceived notions. As CTO of a vendor that plays in this space, that theory shouldn’t surprise you; however, if you care to read on I feel that I can make a pretty good case. To be fair, the first generation of UEBA security products delivered some immediate value, yet also left…

  • The Keys to Finding Cybersecurity Talent in a Candidates' Job Market

    by Tony Kontzer on August 31, 2017

    There's a lot of fretting these days about the impact artificial intelligence will have on the job market. The fear is that many skills will become obsolete as machines perfect them, but there's no such worry in the cybersecurity world. Security pros are in an enviable position today, what with zero unemployment in the field and more job openings than qualified applicants. On the flip side, …

  • Ben's Book of the Month: Review of "The CISO Journey"

    by Ben Rothke on August 31, 2017

    This month’s them is professional development. Just as personal development is a journey, so too is a person’s career part of the development process. In an aptly titled book The CISO Journey: Life Lessons and Concepts to Accelerate Your Professional Development (Auerbach Publications 978-1138197398), author Gene Fredriksen takes the reader on an information security journey. Fredriksen spent…

  • Put the People Problem First: Addressing our #1 Cybersecurity Challenge

    by David Shearer on August 28, 2017

    Cybersecurity dominates our global headlines with news breaking every day about breaches, ransomware attacks, foreign espionage, election tampering and more. Information security is now a top concern for every organization regardless of size or industry, and businesses and government agencies are investing in a wide array of security technologies in response. While it is admirable to see such…

  • State of Emergency: Government Cyber Security Efforts are Missing the Boat, or Just Plain Missing

    by Tony Kontzer on August 24, 2017

    Getting to the bottom of just how problematic government approaches to cyber security are is like peeling away the layers of an endless onion. The more you learn, the more you realize this is a problem that's not going anywhere because it's not being tackled adequately. Starting at the highest level possible, the United Nations recently released its second annual Cyber Security Index which indi…

  • HBO Hack Takeaway: The Pluses and Minuses of Playing Hardball With Ransomware Attackers

    by Tony Kontzer on August 22, 2017

    It's hard to stonewall hackers who are threatening to share sensitive data they've stolen about customers and employees on the dark web if they don't receive a ransom. The prospect of calling the bluff and risking the violation of customers' and employees' privacy understandably causes many companies to cave. But when the stolen data being released is unseen television shows — still an admittedly…

  • You Have to Know Plenty To Pursue a Cybersecurity Career – But Not Nearly Everything

    by Robert Ackerman Jr. on August 21, 2017

    Ask a cybersecurity firm or a big financial services company with a huge cybersecurity staff what they’re looking for in new cybersecurity talent, and they will tick off their requirements in rapid-fire succession, barely stopping to take a breath. They want somebody with a bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science or computer engineering. They also want to see an academic…

  • Announcing the RSA Conference 2018 Theme: Now Matters

    by Linda Gray Martin on August 18, 2017

    Although some of you may be recovering from our APJ event and others may be gearing up for this fall’s Abu Dhabi conference, we are already underway in our efforts to plan U.S. 2018. As many of our veteran attendees know, every year RSA Conference is built around a different theme, which highlights a significant aspect of information security. This year’s theme is “Now Matters.” There is an…

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