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  • Looking back at RSAC 2018: C-Suite Views

    by RSAC Editorial Team on February 4, 2019

    At RSAC 2018, RSA Conference blogger, Tony Kontzer, sat in on a number of sessions. Check out the posts below on C-suite views sessions to see what happened at last year’s Conference and to give you a taste of what you can expect at RSAC 2019! The Verdict is In: Cyber Security Executives Have Hit Their Breaking Point One truth about cyber security executives rose above all others during this year's…

  • Looking back at RSAC 2018: Professional Development

    by RSAC Editorial Team on January 21, 2019

    Looking back at RSAC 2018: Professional Development At RSAC 2018, RSA Conference blogger, Tony Kontzer, sat in on a number of sessions. Check out the posts below on professional development sessions to see what happened at last year’s Conference and to give you a taste of what you can expect at RSAC 2019! Gospel From the Women of Israel's Unit 8200: Confidence is the Key to Careers in…

  • The Sound Track to RSAC

    by Sandra Toms on July 10, 2018

    Each year, the Conference team pulls together music to play during keynote “walk-in” and “walk-out.” The team even has a discussion based on science around what is the best music for when someone walks into the keynote room and takes a chair vs. when you want to encourage the audience to leave the room. I’m not sure I completely understand the difference, but I’m glad the team thinks about it. …

  • Diversity with a Side of Caffeine

    by Sandra Toms on June 14, 2018

    Early Wednesday morning of RSAC US week, we asked a group of co-collaborators to work with us to help improve the diversity of RSA Conference. A broad spectrum of people were represented – some long-term RSAC attendees and some new to information security – all of various ages, genders, geographies, verticals, positions and ethnicities. In exchange for the 90-minute session, we promised the…

  • Yep, I Suggested Monica

    by Sandra Toms on June 7, 2018

    Have you ever had that awkward pause moment when you make a suggestion, and people look at you like you have a third eye? It feels like second nature to me! I don’t consider myself an “events person,” but I’m responsible for one of the world’s largest cybersecurity events. So, imagine the awkward pause moment I had when I suggested we have Monica Lewinsky keynote at RSA Conference. Most people…

  • Between the Lines: Takeaways from RSA Conference 2018 and How They Apply to the Future of Enterprise Security

    by Anne Baker on June 4, 2018

    This year’s RSA Conference was buzzing. Everywhere you turned, thought-provoking discussions on the security industry’s biggest challenges were taking place. Although the seriousness of this past year’s proliferation of cyberattacks hung in the air, there was no doubt that the mood was upbeat and there was a lot of positive momentum. After taking a breath to process the content and conversations…

  • Infiltration - Successes and Pitfalls of Penetrating Hostile Online Groups

    by Lance Cottrell on May 11, 2018

    Few security professionals choose to take control back from their opponents by bringing the fight to their doorstep. However, by working to infiltrate their groups, organizations are better equipped to combat fraud, discover new malware, or look for specific threats. In all cases, researchers and analysts need to avoid identification and the associated risk of blocking or reprisals. In the RSAC…

  • From New Insights and Best Practices to Networking and Recruitment, RSA Conference 2018 Had it All

    by Tony Kontzer on April 27, 2018

    It's hard not to return from the RSA Conference and not think of that whole "firehose of information" metaphor tech folks love to trot out. Because that's what the RSA Conference quite literally is: a firehose of information. Whether you get there early to take advantage of pre-conference tutorials, prefer to start things off with the annual Innovation Sandbox Contest, or arrive just in time to…

  • Final Day Recap: Wrapping-Up Another Great Year

    by RSAC Editorial Team on April 20, 2018

    RSAC 2018 Friday Recap and Looking Ahead to RSAC Unplugged London and RSAC Asia Pacific & Japan What a memorable Conference week! And there’s no better way to close it out than with the latest installment of “The Hugh Thompson Show”. It’s hard to think of a technology impacting more industries – including InfoSec – than Artificial Intelligence. From pure excitement over its disruptive potential, …

  • As RSA Conference Convenes, Tech Companies Promise to Take Security Reins

    by Tony Kontzer on April 19, 2018

    As 50,000 members of the cyber security community descended upon San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference to discuss solutions to the security questions facing us, 34 technology companies revealed that they plan to start doing something. In signing the so-called Cybersecurity Tech Accord, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft and 31 other companies have pledged to "defend all customers everywhere from…

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