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  • Cybersecurity Talent: Will Your Company Ride the Wave, or Drown in the Tsunami?

    by Karen Worstell on November 1, 2018

    The state of cybersecurity worldwide is in grave peril. We are facing a massive deficit of talent, and it’s about to get much worse. An estimated 3.5 million jobs won’t have a qualified person to fill them by 2020. It goes without saying that a cyber talent gap translates to an ever-growing security gap between the rapid pace of technology change and security innovation. Without premium security…

  • Engineering Trustworthy Systems: Get Cybersecurity Design Right the First Time

    by Ben Rothke on September 28, 2018

    For those in the New York City area, they know the tagline from radio station 1010 WINS “you give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world”. It’s no exaggeration to claim that one could create a significantly size cloud-based IT infrastructure in AWS in 22 minutes. It’s also no exaggeration to claim that such an infrastructure would be seriously lacking in security and privacy controls. In …

  • The Top Skills of Fortune 100 CISOs

    by RSAC Editorial Team on September 28, 2018

    Link to original post: The role of CISO is constantly expanding and evolving with the growing awareness of cyber attacks. As cyber attacks increase in density and sophistication, organizations are beginning to look at security as a business priority and the role of CISO has become more critical. Companies need to look beyond basic technical expertise and the…

  • Options Abound for Cyber Security Jobseekers, but Finding the Right Fit Takes Work

    by Tony Kontzer on September 19, 2018

    We've all heard the familiar refrain any time cyber security professionals gather: There aren't enough qualified security employees to fill the glut of available positions. In fact, Forbes recently went so far as to label this shortage of security workers a crisis. The author of the Forbes piece, Brian NeSmith, CEO of security operations center-as-a-service provider Arctic Wolf Networks, argues…

  • Retaining Infosec Professionals: Dealing with stress, reducing burn out and improving the work environment

    by Caroline Wong on August 15, 2018

    I remember going out for a night on the town with my friends, about a decade ago. It was a Friday evening after a long week at work. For years, I had been commuting from San Francisco to San Jose every day. It wasn’t uncommon for me to leave my home at 6 am in the morning, and return at 8 pm in the evening. I worked on an incredible team and had a great boss. We did very interesting work and…

  • Attracting New Candidates to the Industry

    by Caroline Wong on July 18, 2018

    I started my information security career more than a decade ago, leading security teams at eBay and Zynga. Since then I’ve run a global product management team at Symantec and been a management consultant at Cigital. I’m currently the Vice President of Security Strategy for a Pen Testing as a Service company called In 2010, I was named by the Executive Women’s Forum as a Woman of…

  • Ben's Book of the Month: Review of "The CISO Journey"

    by Ben Rothke on August 31, 2017

    This month’s them is professional development. Just as personal development is a journey, so too is a person’s career part of the development process. In an aptly titled book The CISO Journey: Life Lessons and Concepts to Accelerate Your Professional Development (Auerbach Publications 978-1138197398), author Gene Fredriksen takes the reader on an information security journey. Fredriksen spent…

  • The Keys to Finding Cybersecurity Talent in a Candidates' Job Market

    by Tony Kontzer on August 31, 2017

    There's a lot of fretting these days about the impact artificial intelligence will have on the job market. The fear is that many skills will become obsolete as machines perfect them, but there's no such worry in the cybersecurity world. Security pros are in an enviable position today, what with zero unemployment in the field and more job openings than qualified applicants. On the flip side, …

  • Put the People Problem First: Addressing our #1 Cybersecurity Challenge

    by David Shearer on August 28, 2017

    Cybersecurity dominates our global headlines with news breaking every day about breaches, ransomware attacks, foreign espionage, election tampering and more. Information security is now a top concern for every organization regardless of size or industry, and businesses and government agencies are investing in a wide array of security technologies in response. While it is admirable to see such…

  • You Have to Know Plenty To Pursue a Cybersecurity Career – But Not Nearly Everything

    by Robert Ackerman Jr. on August 21, 2017

    Ask a cybersecurity firm or a big financial services company with a huge cybersecurity staff what they’re looking for in new cybersecurity talent, and they will tick off their requirements in rapid-fire succession, barely stopping to take a breath. They want somebody with a bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science or computer engineering. They also want to see an academic…

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