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  • Q&A with RSA Conference 2019 Keynote: Pat Gelsinger

    by RSAC Editorial Team on March 1, 2019

    How many times have you attended RSAC? Sort of lost track, maybe 8-10 times now between my time at Intel, EMC (where the RSA business worked for me) and now my second time as VMware CEO. What is the topic of your keynote? The title of our talk is, “Three Things the Security Industry Has Gotten Wrong”. We’re going to share some provocative observations on where we, as an industry, have missed the…

  • Q&A with RSA Conference 2019 Keynote: Rohit Ghai

    by RSAC Editorial Team on February 28, 2019

    How many times have you attended RSAC? 2019 is my third conference. What is the topic of your keynote? This year’s keynote is about the Trust Landscape. Every organization undergoes a digital transformation. These transformations introduce new, disruptive technologies into the organization’s ecosystem. In turn, this brings along new risks, which must be addressed. Identifying and mitigating risk…

  • The Initial RSA Conference 2019 Keynote Line-Up

    by Sandra Toms on December 14, 2018

    It’s still December and we’re already talking RSA Conference 2019 keynotes. That’s because we’re incredibly proud of our lineup and just couldn’t wait to tell you. Call it our holiday gift ;) As you may have heard, we’re doing things a little differently at this year’s Conference and that includes keynotes. New to 2019, we will have two keynote stages instead of the typical one. The West Stage…

  • The RSA Conference 2018 Keynote Line-Up

    by Sandra Toms on March 26, 2018

    Each year, we look forward to rounding out and finalizing our keynote line-up which usually happens about a month before RSA Conference and we’re excited to announce this year’s program which will bring forward-thinking, actionable and life-affirming stories to the keynote stage. The topics our speakers will explore range from how artificial intelligence can help or hurt humanity, preparing for…

  • Part 2: Q&A Series with Jennifer Minella & Mark Nunnikhoven

    by RSAC Editorial Team on February 3, 2017

    We’re excited to bring you Part 2 of our Q&A with Jennifer Minella and Mark Nunnikhoven! Read on for more of their perspective on RSA Conference. Jennifer offers great insight on what session is a must-attend and where to go to do the best networking. As a first-time speaker, Mark shares some info on his session and how he’s getting ready for his presentation, plus his thoughts on the must-attend…

  • Q&A Series with Jennifer Minella & Mark Nunnikhoven

    by RSAC Editorial Team on January 23, 2017

    As the RSA Conference Editorial team, we often share content about what we think you will be interested in at RSA Conference. But this time, we wanted to share someone else’s perspective! We thought you might like to hear directly from other attendees, infosec pros just like you, about what they are looking forward to at this year’s Conference – plus a few tips to keep in mind! Meet Jennifer Mi…

  • A few new names you’ll see gracing our stage in 2017

    by RSAC Editorial Team on January 16, 2017

    This past week RSA Conference was proud to roll out its 2017 line up of marquis keynote speakers. The editorial team was able to catch up with Linda Gray Martin, director & general manager, RSA Conference to answer some of our questions about the keynote process. RSAC: That is a very robust list of speakers. For any new attendees that may be wondering, how are keynotes determined? Gray Martin:…

  • RSA Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi: Highlights From Day One

    by Jennifer Lawinski on November 15, 2016

    Day one here at RSA Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi has been quite a success! The halls of the Vendor Showcase were busy with attendees eager to learn about the latest and greatest cybersecurity developments, and ready to network. To kick off the event, Eng. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Acting/Deputy Director General, Information & eGov Sector of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority welcomed attendees. He…

  • Bruce Schneier Talks About Securing the World-Sized Web at RSAC APJ 2016

    by Jennifer Lawinski on July 21, 2016

    What’s going to happen to our world as more of our devices come online as the Internet of Things explodes? That was the question Bruce Schneier, Chief Technology Officer of Resilient and security technologist, asked with his keynote address at RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan 2016 in Singapore. Schneier began by addressing the importance of the Internet of Things. “It’s a buzzword but I think…

  • RSA’s Amit Yoran Calls for Change of Perspective to Fight Cybercrime at RSAC APJ 2016

    by Jennifer Lawinski on July 20, 2016

    When it comes to creating your cybersecurity strategy, sometimes what you need is a change in perspective. That was the theme of RSA President Amit Yoran's keynote address at RSA Conference Asia Pacific and Japan 2016 in Singapore on Wednesday. “Let me give you an example of how powerful perspective can be and how it can shape our actions and outcomes,” Yoran told the crowd of cybersecurity…

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