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  • RSAC Innovation Sandbox Win Spurs Rapid Growth at UnifyID

    by Grace Chang on February 13, 2018

    Last year, RSA Conference (RSAC) named its first unanimous Innovation Sandbox winner in its 12-year competition history, UnifyID, as RSAC 2017’s most innovative startup. Innovation Sandbox is the premiere security startup showcase of newcomers excited to share the very best and newest advancements in the field of cybersecurity. Popularized by a who’s who of security experts and investors, the…

  • The Road for Cybersecurity in 2018

    by Robert Ackerman Jr. on February 9, 2018

    Every year, global investment in cybersecurity increases and pretty much so does investment in cyber startups. And so the inevitable question arises: Are we approaching or already in a cybersecurity bubble, fueled in part by venture capitalists? The quick answer is yes and no. According to Gartner Inc. worldwide spending on cybersecurity exceeded $86 billion in 2017, an increase of 7%, and will…

  • Early Stage but Future-Forward: A CMO’s Perspective of RSAC Early Stage Expo

    by Lori Cohen on January 26, 2018

    For any cybersecurity startup, there is one conference that should be top of mind – RSA Conference. The RSA Conference is where all the leading industry experts in the private and public space gather to discuss, educate and share information to help to fight cyber threats and proactively manage risk. You are not acting like a lemming to want to attend, it’s a business imperative. However, for…

  • Clarity is a Virtue

    by Jack Danahy on February 27, 2017

    Another packed RSA Conference has passed, and a crowd of companies spent their days explaining their value to prospects and customers. Small innovators competed for attention with the multi-story booths and thickly carpeted oases of some of the largest technology companies in the world. The competition was certainly noisy. Not just loud, as multiple presenters and speakers strove to be heard over…

  • Blockchain: The Next Frontier for Cybersecurity?

    by Neena Sharma on February 24, 2017

    Bitcoin blockchain was launched in 2009 amidst the hype and excitement of changing the world of transactions and a whole new ecosystem has emerged around it. Eight years later, Bitcoin hasn’t really set the world on fire and its contribution to the massive financial services market has been miniscule. However, the underlying technology, blockchain, and the fundamental idea of a tamper-proof…

  • RSAC 2017: Lapping up Innovation and Laughing at Science

    by Tony Kontzer on February 23, 2017

    Now that we've had a few days to digest our respective experiences at the recent RSA Conference, what did we learn? On the lighter side, we learned that astrophysicists can be really, really funny. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you must have missed Neil deGrasse Tyson's keynote, during which he managed to make obscure facts about the cosmos as entertaining as a night at The Improv. …

  • Securing Our Position in The Cyber Revolution

    by Poppy Wood on February 20, 2017

    Initially this post set out to elevate the UK’s cyber sector as a rival to the likes of Israel and San Francisco. Bring in on, I thought. Having played a part in nurturing the pipeline of cyber startups in the UK, I feel pretty confident about its chances on the world stage. Israel and the Valley better watch out. But then I went to Tel Aviv. It was my first visit to the Start-up Nation and not…

  • RSA Conference 2017: What Does Successful Innovation Look Like?

    by Sean Martin, CISSP on February 11, 2017

    To win the battle against cybercrime, end-user customers need innovation. Cybercriminals currently innovate better and faster than academia and commercial entities. Some innovate even better than government entities. To combat this trend, everyone looks for the next great IT security innovation every year at the RSA Conference. What that innovation is may actually be hidden. Some innovations are…

  • Innovation is The Competitive Advantage in Security

    by Carson Sweet on February 9, 2017

    For over a decade, agile technology was looked at with doubt and speculation. Most executives believed it was something being kicked around by IT with no true impact in the long run. So, it’s no surprise security executives have an instinct to pump the brakes as they witness their enterprises rapidly adopting agile technology practices. But, they should fight the urge. Embracing agile has become…

  • The beginning of a new era: The Early Stage Expo at RSA Conference 2017

    by Katrin Jakob, PhD on February 7, 2017

    RSA Conference is taking innovation to the next level and, for the first time in the event’s history, it has established a showcase for startups: The Early Stage Expo (ESE). Through this new initiative, 40 newcomers from the US, Canada, Israel, the UK, and France are able to spread the word about what’s to come from the cybersecurity startup world. The ESE is a great spot for any investor who…

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