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  • Getting to Know the RSAC Advisory Board: Ed Skoudis

    by Jennifer Lawinski on December 2, 2016

    Name: Ed Skoudis Title and company: Instructor and Fellow, SANS Institute; Founder, Counter Hack Number of years in the information security industry: 20 RSAC: What was your first job in the infosec industry? Skoudis: Working at Bellcore helping the Baby Bells secure their early IP networks. RSAC: What does the RSA Conference 2017 theme, “The Power of Opportunity,” mean to you? Skoudis: Information…

  • RSA Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi: Know Before You Go

    by Jennifer Lawinski on October 27, 2016

    RSA Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi kicks off in just a few weeks, and we've created a program that brings together some of the sharpest cybersecurity minds on the international scene to share information, network with peers, and learn about the latest and greatest new technologies. The week kicks off with our Learning Lab and Security Foundations Seminar on Monday. Cyber-Crisis Response—Live Exercise…

  • Getting to Know the RSAC Advisory Board: Wade Baker

    by Jennifer Lawinski on October 21, 2016

    Name: Wade Baker Title and company: Independent consultant and Co-Founder of the Cyentia Institute Number of years in the information security industry: About 15 years RSAC: What was your first job in the infosec industry? Baker: I was an instructor and system/network administrator at a university. They needed someone to take on infosec teaching and administrative responsibilities, and offered to…

  • Getting to Know the RSAC Advisory Board: Wendy Nather

    by Jennifer Lawinski on October 14, 2016

    Name: Wendy Nather Title and company: Research Director, Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center Number of years in the information security industry: 20 RSAC: What was your first job in the infosec industry? Nather: Director of IT Security for the EMEA region of the investment banking division of Swiss Bank Corporation RSAC: What does the RSA Conference 2017 theme, "The Power of Opportunity,"…

  • iOS Attacks: A Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape

    by Yair Amit on June 9, 2016

    Early in the adoption of enterprise mobility, iOS was considered the “better” choice. A more stable and consistent operation system was preferable for developing custom apps, and Apple’s iOS operating system was believed to be inherently more secure than Google’s Android due to the controlled app store ecosystem and better app sandboxing mechanisms. Fast forward to today and we see that…

  • Perfecting Risk-Based Authentication: Deciphering Multi-Layered Identity Proofing Strategies

    by Gasan Awad on May 12, 2016

    Fraudsters are a smart group. With each fraud prevention method that’s introduced, they figure out ways to work around it. Organizations must be careful when using technologies that fraudsters may have compromised, but that doesn’t mean throwing everything out and starting from scratch. As with many things, in security and fraud prevention one tool is never enough. An alarm system makes your home…

  • Cross-border Is the New Normal

    by Alisdair Faulkner on May 10, 2016

    It's no secret digital consumers increasingly purchase goods and services via cross-border transactions. Digital commerce has essentially created a global economy without borders. In fact, according to Nielsen’s Global Connected Commerce Report, in February 2016, 57 percent of the respondents made a cross-border e-commerce purchase in the past six months. Recognizing this trend, businesses are…

  • 11 Strategies to Consider in Addressing the Cybersecurity Skill Shortage

    by RSAC Contributor on April 18, 2016

    By Alberto Yépez, managing director of early stage venture capital firm Trident Capital Cybersecurity The cybersecurity industry has a talent shortage, yet not many realize just how severe it is. And, more importantly, they don’t realize what corporations struggling with the problem must do to get a grip on it. To solve the challenge, corporations must develop new hiring and training strategies…

  • Executive Hotel Rooms Are a Hacker’s Treasure Chest

    by Dale "Woody" Wooden on April 15, 2016

    The flight was long, and all you want to do now is get to your room, have a drink, and go to sleep. You sit down at the desk in your room, log onto the hotel’s Wi-Fi and log into your email. This is about the time your phone beeps. It’s almost dead. Luckily, your room has a charging station right on the desk… How convenient! The iPod needs to be charged too, so it is slipped into the hotel’s…

  • How to Use Anonymized Global Digital Identities to Fight Cybercrime

    by Alisdair Faulkner on April 8, 2016

    At the 2016 RSA Conference, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the importance of global threat intelligence sharing. In fact, of the more than 500 exhibitors at the annual conference, 79 companies include threat intelligence sharing as part of their business model. However, such information sharing only works when done right—in an anonymized way that takes into account each user’s full digital…

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