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  • The CISO Speaks: Scott Niebuhr of The Aerospace Corp. on Cyber Security Staffing Challenge

    by Tony Kontzer on June 27, 2019

    As if hiring cyber security staff wasn't challenging enough, now this: According to a Robert Half International survey, two-thirds of IT decision-makers plan to hire full time employees in the second half of 2019, and their top priority? Bringing in fresh cyber security skills. Given that this is an issue that weighs on pretty much every cyber security executive we speak with, it seemed an ideal…

  • The CISO Speaks: ADP's Roland Cloutier on Contending with the Security Challenges Introduced by Emerging Technologies

    by Tony Kontzer on May 1, 2019

    Here at the RSA Conference blog, we've noticed a clear trend: cybersecurity professionals are generally interested in what CISOs have to say. With that in mind, we've decided to post occasional Q&As with CISOs on the topics of the day. To kick off our "CISO Speaks" series, Roland Cloutier, CISO of payroll processor and human resources software firm ADP, agreed to share his thoughts on how…

  • Role Playing an Incident, Except it’s Fun

    by Josh Bressers on July 24, 2018

    At RSA Conference 2018 USA I had the pleasure of holding the same session twice. Normally this would mean doing the same basic thing the second time, but my session was rather unique: I held a role-playing event that was very heavy on randomness. I’ve participated in and hosted security role playing events in the past and most of them were a bit on the dull side. My idea for this year was to spice…

  • C-Suite Cybersecurity Awareness May Be the Key to Taking a Bite Out of Breaches

    by Tony Kontzer on July 19, 2018

    No matter how many breaches we read about, how many cautions we hear, or how many reminders we get about the importance of round-the-clock diligence, cybersecurity continues to slip through the cracks as a business priority too often. Too often, this chink in the armor comes down to a simple and disturbing disconnect: too many C-suite executives seem to not be getting the message that this…

  • Attracting New Candidates to the Industry

    by Caroline Wong on July 18, 2018

    I started my information security career more than a decade ago, leading security teams at eBay and Zynga. Since then I’ve run a global product management team at Symantec and been a management consultant at Cigital. I’m currently the Vice President of Security Strategy for a Pen Testing as a Service company called In 2010, I was named by the Executive Women’s Forum as a Woman of…

  • RSAC AdBoard: Checking In with Todd Inskeep on 2018 Predictions and Beyond

    by RSAC Editorial Team on July 13, 2018

    It’s hard to believe but we have reached the midway point of 2018 already. Where does the time go? Part of the fun that we have closing out each year is looking ahead to what the year ahead and beyond brings in terms of trends, topics and industry movement. We did this with the RSA Conference Advisory Board back in December 2017 looking at what is to come in this blog post. We want to revisit some…

  • Partnering in Governance: Cybersecurity Tools for Board/Manager Interaction

    by Daniel Dobrygowski on July 3, 2018

    If cybersecurity was a solely a technical problem, it would be mostly solved by now. But true resilience to cybersecurity threats requires a cultural shift – and that requires leadership. This is why ultimate responsibility for cybersecurity strategy sits with the CEO and the Board of Directors. At RSA Conference this year, we hosted an intimate Peer2Peer discussion on how IT security managers…

  • Tips from Top CISOs: Reporting to the Board - What Works? What Doesn’t?

    by Laura Robinson on February 12, 2018

    Cybersecurity is the number one agenda item for corporate boards in 2018 according to a recent survey of directors.[1] It’s no surprise that boards are focused on managing cybersecurity risks. Last year, a steady stream of headline-grabbing data breaches dealt a major blow to many companies’ earnings and valuations; some companies are still reeling from the impact. This year will also see the…

  • Just How Much Does Your CISO Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk? Perhaps Less Than You Think

    by Gib Sorebo on November 3, 2017

    About ten years ago, I listened to John Thompson, then the CEO of Symantec and now Chairman of the Board for Microsoft, deliver his keynote at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. While I don’t remember many details of his talk, one quote stood out. In making a comparison to cybersecurity, he said, “You don’t buy brakes to stop. You buy brakes to go fast.” After all, if you drove your car at a…

  • Having a CISO In Place Is No Longer An Option—It's a Business Reality

    by Tony Kontzer on June 6, 2017

    Talk about your double-edged swords. The fact that American companies continue to bring CISOs on board is evidence that IT security is rapidly evolving into an ever-more-important component of business success in the 21st century. But it also serves as the latest reminder of how far Corporate America has to go in fully grasping just how important protecting customer data and safeguarding consumer…

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