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  • Boards of Directors Are Driven Primarily by Compliance, Not Fear

    by Ryan Stolte on November 9, 2016

    Cybersecurity and risk are hot topics in the boardroom. Board members are increasingly asking CISOs to explain how they are protecting the company so that they can make informed cybersecurity decisions. In June 2016, we released a report, How Boards of Directors Really Feel About Cyber Security Reports that illustrated the increasing pressure for CISOs to present understandable and actionable…

  • The Longevity Challenge in Infosec

    by Wendy Nather on October 4, 2016

    In a recent BankInfoSecurity article, U.S. Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott was quoted as saying one of the main factors behind the OPM breach was the tendency of Congress to “fund civilian agencies to maintain their information systems, not to modernize them.” This is endemic both in the public sector and in other organizations below the security poverty line, which I started writing…

  • Getting Everyone on Board with Cybersecurity

    by Steve Sheck on September 16, 2016

    It’s shocking to those of us who work in the industry, but people still do not take cybersecurity seriously. How many people do you work with who still use “abc1234!” as a password? Or say things like “I haven’t updated my phone’s OS in months?” Many think of cybersecurity like a home defense system. You push a button, and the house (your organization) is secure. That’s not the case. Imagine if, …

  • Do Data Breaches Affect Company Value?

    by Liviu Arsene on July 29, 2016

    With malware growing more prevalent, possibly nearing 600 million samples in 2016, the average cost of a data breach has been estimated to reach $4 million. Gartner, which had estimated worldwide spending on information security reaching $75.4 billion in 2015, sees a 26 percent probability that a company will experience one or more data breaches within a 24-hour period. While fixing a data breach…

  • How Cybersecurity Impacts Customer Loyalty

    by Alisdair Faulkner on June 21, 2016

    When it comes to banking, e-commerce and other online activities, fraud is one of consumers’ top concerns. In fact, insights from a recent First Annapolis and ThreatMetrix consumer study showed that more than half of consumers (55 percent) are extremely concerned about the risks of banking and payments-related fraud, with 46 percent indicating their fraud concerns have increased in the past two…

  • Small Business: Wake Up to Growing Cyber Threats

    by Robert Ackerman Jr. on June 3, 2016

    A few months ago, Rokenbok Education, a Solana Beach, Calif., maker of educational toys, was facing perhaps the quintessential nightmare of the 21 st century. Cyber criminals had encrypted the company’s computer files, rendering them useless. The hackers were deploying ransomware. If Rokenbok wanted the data unlocked, it would have to pay a ransom. As the New York Times reported, the company…

  • What Do Hackers Want from Professional Sports Teams?

    by Rook Security on June 2, 2016

    By Mike Patterson, Vice President of Strategy, Rook Security Recently, the Milwaukee Bucks basketball organization went public with a successful W-2 phishing attack that targeted its players and employees. While this is probably not the first attack of its kind, it is a new known data point in attacks against sports teams. In 2015, incidents targeted baseball player scouting data (involving the St. …

  • Saying Goodbye: Managing Security for Departing Personnel

    by RSAC Contributor on May 27, 2016

    By Kenneth Morrison, Principal, Morrison Consulting Personnel departures are a daily occurrence for large organizations, and small and medium-sized organizations need to manage them on a regular basis. The RSA Conference 2016 Peer2Peer session Saying Goodbye: Managing Security for Departing Personnel provided the opportunity for a great group of 25 attendees to talk to each other in a small…

  • There is Such a Thing as Security Return on Investment: Well, Sort of

    by Gib Sorebo on March 1, 2016

    Having spent a fair amount of time with critical infrastructure operators, I’ve gotten used to the groans and eye rolls I receive when I try to explain why they need to spend more money on cybersecurity. Whether it’s to satisfy a compliance requirement or to reduce the risk of a cyber attack by some incalculable amount, the common perception is that we’re getting in the way of a profitable…

  • Breaking Through to Users for Better Security, Inside Out

    by Jack Danahy on February 16, 2016

    In today’s world of big data, some of the most valuable information you can collect is simple insight into the people you’re trying to protect. Your users are all different, and to reach them you need to tailor your messages to address their individual interests, concerns, and needs. That’s where “personas” come in—by developing profiles of various types of users you can learn how to communicate…

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