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  • Much energy, inspiration and deep dives into security at RSA Conference 2019 APJ

    by Grace Chng on July 16, 2019

    Thirteen new security measures will be rolled out later this year in the Singapore public sector to protect personal data after a spate of breaches in the Republic in the past year. These new measures aim to make illegally extracted data more unusable, to detect anomalous data traffic and to limit users’ access rights. Announced by the Republic’s government earlier in the week, it formed an…

  • RSAC 2019 APJ Ambassador Q&A: Magda Chelly

    by RSAC Editorial Team on July 11, 2019

    And finally, hear from RSAC APJ Ambassador, Magda Chelly: This will be your second year speaking at RSAC APJ—what are you most looking forward to? Facilitating the discussions around important and critical challenges in the industry with peers is something that I am looking forward to. There is nothing like attending a face-to-face event, where you can share your research and receive constructive…

  • RSAC 2019 APJ Ambassador Q&A: My-Ngoc Nguyen

    by RSAC Editorial Team on July 8, 2019

    Next up, hear from RSAC APJ Ambassador, My-Ngoc Nguyen: This will be your first time speaking at RSAC APJ – what are you most looking forward to? I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with audience members from a different side of the world that I’m from and live. I’m honored and excited to have such an opportunity. This is nothing short of VERY AWESOME. Is there a session…

  • A.I. Powered Malware: Will Asia Pacific Be Ground Zero?

    by Jason Lau on July 2, 2019

    For several years in a row now, Asia Pacific has topped the list of the most malware exposure of any region in the world, and Singapore alone saw an almost 200 percent-increase of malware detections amongst business sectors. “Organisations in the Asia-Pacific region take almost three times as long as the rest of the world to realise that an attacker has successfully broken into their network” said…

  • RSAC 2019 APJ Ambassador Q&A: Mihoko Matsubara

    by RSAC Editorial Team on June 28, 2019

    In cybersecurity, more knowledge means more protection. But let’s be honest, staying smart is a lot of work. It means going out of your way to meet experts and find credible resources. Or, you could just come to RSA Conference 2019 Asia Pacific & Japan and get all the intel you need in one place. The region’s largest cybersecurity event, RSAC 2019 APJ is where great minds meet to discuss AI, global…

  • Threats Are Omnipresent But You Have Options

    by Patrick McGlone on June 11, 2019

    The think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies puts the cost of global cybercrime at the equivalent of nearly S$819 billion per year. It estimates that up to a third of that cost is borne by East Asia and the Pacific, the highest of any region analyzed. Singapore, meanwhile, boasts a GDP within the top fifty nations, worldwide. This economic success makes it a target for cybercrime…

  • Q&A Series with RSAC APJ Ambassador Jonathan Trull

    by RSAC Editorial Team on July 20, 2018

    In Part 4 of this series, we get to know RSAC APJ Ambassador Jonathan Trull. Jonathan is the Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at Microsoft and a frequent speaker at RSA Conferences. We reached out to him for his predictions on the hot topics at RSAC 2018 APJ and what he thinks sets this conference apart from others. As a longtime conference veteran, what do you consider your number one reason for…

  • Tackling Accountability in Asia

    by Sam Pfeifle on July 17, 2018

    Many of us probably use the term often in our personal and professional lives: accountability. Who doesn’t value accountability? In my travels, I have found that Asian cultures, specifically, incorporate accountability into ideas of honor and responsibility. It is a point of pride in the business-world to be able to say that, yes, that was my job and if it wasn’t done well, it was my fault and I…

  • How I was hacked by my six-year-old daughter

    by Etay Maor on July 16, 2018

    “Hacking is exploiting security controls either in a technical, physical or a human based element,” – Kevin Mitnick. Well, let me give you another quote “Daaaaaaaaaaaaddy, I am bored!” – my six-year-old daughter, yesterday. Here is the scene – I am working on a presentation about cyber security flaws in enterprises, trying my best to focus on details and numbers, my wife and son are at a…

  • Q&A Series with RSAC APJ Ambassador Tracy Celaya

    by RSAC Editorial Team on July 5, 2018

    In Part 3 of this four-part series, meet RSAC APJ Ambassador Tracy Celaya. Tracy is the President and Principal Consultant at Start with Go. She returns to RSA Conference after attending RSAC USA 2018 as a first-time speaker. We asked Tracy what she’s looking forward to when she arrives at RSAC APJ and got the inside scoop on her session with Ira Winkler. You recently joined us for RSAC USA 2018. …

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