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  • Supply Chain Attacks on Retail – What Happens When Trusted Channels Can’t be Trusted?

    by Netta Schmeidler on December 5, 2017

    The holiday season has officially begun, but for many retailers those visions of dancing sugarplums have given way to nightmares about cyberattacks. The ThreatMetrix Q3 2017 Cybercrime Report predicts that the number of ecommerce attacks in the last quarter of 2017 will be greater than the number of attacks across all industries in the same quarter last year, with more than 50 million attacks…

  • The KRACK Attack: What to Communicate

    by Lance Spitzner on October 17, 2017

    Editor's Note: This blog post originally appeared on the SANS Security Awareness blog. This blog is a work in progress and will be actively updated as new information is released. It was announced (Monday, 16 October, 2017) that the globally used WPA2 Wi-Fi security protocol has been broken. This standard is the most commonly used security standard used by Wi-Fi networks around the world. The…

  • Could the Equifax Breach Have Been Avoided?

    by Tony Kontzer on September 28, 2017

    Much has been written about how Equifax could have prevented the recent breach that exposed personal information on 143 million Americans with one simple act that's supposedly on the to-do list of every corporate security practitioner: Stay up to date on patches. We've read about how the Apache Software Foundation had released a patch to address a vulnerability in its Struts web app-building…

  • Why The Equifax Breach Should Be Doing More Than Scaring Us

    by Tony Kontzer on September 26, 2017

    Do we need look any further than the recent Equifax breach for compelling evidence of what a cyber security incident can do to a business? A couple of weeks ago, Equifax was just one of three credit reporting agencies Americans knew housed their financial data. Today? It is being held up as an example of the risks of housing valuable data. We've all seen the eye-popping number over and over…

  • HBO Hack Takeaway: The Pluses and Minuses of Playing Hardball With Ransomware Attackers

    by Tony Kontzer on August 22, 2017

    It's hard to stonewall hackers who are threatening to share sensitive data they've stolen about customers and employees on the dark web if they don't receive a ransom. The prospect of calling the bluff and risking the violation of customers' and employees' privacy understandably causes many companies to cave. But when the stolen data being released is unseen television shows — still an admittedly…

  • The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware

    by Ben Rothke on July 17, 2017

    Trying to place The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware (No Starch Press 978-1593277581) into a specific category is a challenge. This superb book covers a multitude of topics, from hardware engineering, software design, Chinese manufacturing, to hardware hacking, product development, intellectual property law and more. In the book, author Andrew 'bunnie' Huang details his…

  • The WannaCry Takeaway: Federal Governments Let Us Down

    by Tony Kontzer on May 23, 2017

    If you WannaCry now, just wait. You may WannaCry a lot more down the line unless federal governments do a much better job of protecting their critical IT systems. The WannaCry ransomware outbreak that first hit the U.K.'s National Health Service and subsequently spread around the world, infecting a Spanish telecom company, a Russian cell phone carrier, French automaker Renault and countless other…

  • 2017 Security Threats for Healthcare

    by John Humphreys on February 23, 2017

    From the Bon Secours Health System data breach impacting nearly 700,000 individuals to the $17,000 in ransom that Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid hackers, 2016 wasn’t the best year for healthcare security. So what’s in store for 2017? The healthcare industry is always going to be a target for hackers, yet security continues to be a challenge due to the overwhelming volume of security…

  • The Security Reading Room: The Best Information Security Books of 2016

    by Ben Rothke on February 5, 2017

    There were a lot of good information security books that came out in 2016, and many that were not worth reading. With that, here’s my list of the information security books stand out as the best, listed in no particular order: The Car Hacker's Handbook: A Guide for the Penetration Tester - plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Lots of features combined with poor security make cars the next big…

  • Financial Cybersecurity Regulations Are a Win for Privacy

    by Tom Boyden on January 30, 2017

    Beginning this year, financial and insurance companies in the state of New York will have to comply with some of the country’s most stringent and far-reaching cybersecurity regulations. In September, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the new rules, which are meant to protect consumers, companies, and our financial infrastructure from the growing threat of cyberattacks. The regulations in their…

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