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  • Data Protection Needs to be Put on Steroids

    by Robert Ackerman Jr. on May 28, 2019

    In our age of relentless and deadly effective cyberattacks, virtually every sizable enterprise and government entity knows the critical importance of taking pains to protect their data. As year after year of increasing cybersecurity budgets underscore, they spend big and hire plenty of cyber experts to help guide that spending. But are they doing a good job overall? Not really, partly because of…

  • Cryptography is Changing Fast, and Cyber Security Pros Are Best Advised to Stay Ahead of the Curve

    by Tony Kontzer on May 22, 2019

    Sometimes the world of cybersecurity seems to be upside down, and this is one of those times. In particular, one of the technologies that has long been hailed as the industry's salvation, cryptography, is in a time of great transition at a moment when it's needed more than ever to keep data safe. Consider: We live in a world in which a highly respected Israeli security firm sells powerful malware…

  • Ben's Book of the Month: Review of "Security without Obscurity: A Guide to Cryptographic Architectures"

    by Ben Rothke on October 31, 2018

    It’s been a little over four years since author J.J. Stapleton wrote the second in his Security without Obscurity series in A Guide to Confidentiality, Authentication and Integrity (Auerbach Publications 978-1466592148). In the just released third volume of the series, Security without Obscurity: A Guide to Cryptographic Architectures(Auerbach Publications 978-0815396413), Stapleton has again…

  • A few new names you’ll see gracing our stage in 2017

    by RSAC Editorial Team on January 16, 2017

    This past week RSA Conference was proud to roll out its 2017 line up of marquis keynote speakers. The editorial team was able to catch up with Linda Gray Martin, director & general manager, RSA Conference to answer some of our questions about the keynote process. RSAC: That is a very robust list of speakers. For any new attendees that may be wondering, how are keynotes determined? Gray Martin:…

  • Cybersecurity and Applied Mathematics

    by Ben Rothke on October 26, 2016

    Mathematics is an integral (no pun intended) part of information security and cryptography. The RSA cryptosystem is one of many examples—its foundation is based on mathematics. The core security of RSA is based on the practical difficulty of factoring the product of two very large prime numbers, known as the factoring problem. In elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), its security is based on the…

  • Obfuscation: A User's Guide for Privacy and Protest

    by Ben Rothke on October 6, 2016

    Certain things in life just don't mix. When it comes to personal privacy, using Amazon and Facebook simultaneously is perhaps an example of a potentially dangerous privacy mix. With each site tracking your every search and click, it doesn’t take long until these merchants have a detailed dossier on your on-line habits. That's in addition to profiting of your personal buying habits. This is what…

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction

    by Ben Rothke on September 6, 2016

    Bitcoin is a topic that evokes a sort of whodunit to many people. Created by an international man of mystery named Satoshi Nakamoto, it leads many to think this is a protocol that lends itself to a John Grisham novel. Many even think Bitcoin is a government conspiracy. But none of that could be further from the truth. As in introduction, Bitcoin is a digital currency and payment system created by…

  • Privacy on the Ground: Driving Corporate Behavior in the United States and Europe

    by Ben Rothke on May 23, 2016

    Many countries take the approach that the best ways to solve problems are via regulations. In some cases, that will work. In others, these regulations are simply a penalty that everyone must bear; think TSA. When it comes to information security and privacy laws and regulations, often those perpetrating the crimes are impervious to any or regulation. In Privacy on the Ground: Driving Corporate…

  • RSA Conference Greatest Hits: April 2016

    by Jennifer Lawinski on May 6, 2016

    We here at RSA Conference are continually striving to bring you excellent content year-round. Whether it's videos from your favorite conference sessions or blog posts from industry experts who can help you solve your toughest cybersecurity issues, we've got your back. What were your favorite posts and videos in the month of April this year? Top Blog Posts 1. Executive Hotel Rooms Are a Hacker’s…

  • Bitcoin for Nonmathematicians: Exploring the Foundations of Crypto Payments

    by Ben Rothke on April 19, 2016

    Mystery surrounds Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. It’s unclear where he lives, if he’s even a real person, or perhaps a composite of many Bitcoin developers. For many people, an equally mysterious topic is the mathematics surrounding cryptography. Cryptography was so intimidating a topic for many people studying for the CISSP certification exam, that the ISC 2 removed it as one of the…

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