The Healthy Programmer: Get Fit, Feel Better and Keep Coding

Books on computer programming often make big claims; from quicker programming, more effective programming, less errors, etc. 

Healthy PRogrammerIn The Healthy Programmer: Get Fit, Feel Better, and Keep Coding, author Joe Kutner says the bookmay actually save your life.

Diseases like obesity and diabetes are at epidemic levels.  Part of the problem is the sedentary lifestyle associated with such diseases.   For the average programmer, much of their day will be spent sitting down, in thought and analysis; highly sedentary and dangerous.

The book shows how you can improve your health by changing your work habits, master exercises that make working at a computer more comfortable and develop a plan to keep fit, healthy, and sharp for years to come.

For a book that has not a single line of code in it, The Healthy Programmer: Get Fit, Feel Better, and Keep Coding is a title that should be on every programmers reading list.

Full review to follow. 

Posted on August 1, 2013

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