PRAGMATIC Security Metrics: Applying Metametrics to Information Security

Like all books on metrics, early in the book in PRAGMATIC Security Metrics: Applying Metametrics to Information Security makes the statement that “you can't manage what you can't measure”.

The authors claim that other books on information security metrics discuss number theory and statistics in academic terms.  This title promises to be light on mathematics and heavy on utility and is meant as a how-to-do-it guide for security metrics.

As to the title, PRAGMATIC is an acronym for the basis of the method of the book, in using metrics that are predictive, relevant, actionable, genuine, meaningful, timely, independent and cost.  

After reading the first chapter, PRAGMATIC Security Metrics: Applying Metametrics to Information Security looks like it may live up to its promise of being able to use metrics not only to track and report performance but to identify problem areas and opportunities, and drive information security improvements.  If so, this could be the metrics book a lot of information security professionals have been waiting for.

Full review to follow

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