On the Road at RSA 2010 – interviews of thought leaders from the conference

I have a 4-part set of video interviews of thought leaders that I took at RSA 2010.  Check the videos out at: 

Part 1 -

  • Pete Lindstrom – “New attacks and counter attack trends”
  • Uri Rivner – “Current state of cyber attack trends”
  • Steve Teppler – “Legal aspects and electronic discovery”

Part 2 -

  • Warren Axelrod – “Software assurance – the need to ensure that software applications are securely developed”
  • Graham Cluley – “The increasing problem of cybercrime and why it is only getting worse”
  • Ira Winkler – “The cloud is here, but I am not getting on it so quickly”

Part 3 -     10/03/on-the-road-at-rsa-2010-%E2%80%93-part-3/

  • Troy Leach – “The continuing importance of PCI compliance and how to do it right”
  • Johnathan Tal – “The convergence of physical and digital security”
  • Burt Kaliski – “The importance of the RSA conference to information security”

Part 4 -–-part-4/

  • Boaz Gelbord – “Security spending – How much is needed?  How much is enough?”
  • Judy Livers – “The (ISC)² Safe and Secure Online Program”
  • Steve Orrin – “Securing the Cloud”

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