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Michael Assante

Michael Assante

Director of Industrials and Infrastructure & Lead for the ICS Curriculum, SANS Institute

  • You’re Not Imagining It: Civilization is Flickering, Part 2

    by Michael Assante on October 24, 2018

    Did you miss Part 1? Click here: Keeping to the Middle Ground At the end of the day, I possess a healthy skepticism when anyone tells me they are 100% sure one-way or the other, that the grid could go down and stay down any minute … or that we’ve got it under control and even the most capable cyber…

  • You’re Not Imagining It: Civilization is Flickering, Part 1

    by Michael Assante on October 22, 2018

    Competing, contradictory voices vie for our attention and trust. On one hand certain reputable experts tell us the sky is about to fall, the curtain is about to close on Western Civilization, and we’d better stockpile water, food and fuel in caves a la Dr. Strangelove. The other more sanguine side says while there is ample cause for concern, the government and the large companies that shape our…

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