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Mike Janke

Mike Janke

Co-Founder, DataTribe

  • Can the Washington D.C. Metroplex Become a Major Hub for Cybersecurity Startups?

    by Mike Janke on March 27, 2018

    For many years, technology startup activity in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area has been respectable but very narrowly focused. Most of these startups, including cybersecurity companies, have traditionally targeted the federal government as their primary customer because the government has always been a much easier sell than the broad commercial market. This is rapidly changing, however, and…

  • It’s Time for a Security Checkup during National Cyber Security Awareness Month

    by Mike Janke on October 5, 2017

    Most of us in the world of cybersecurity spend our days trying to solve complex security problems in one form or another as managers, engineers, researchers, investors or policy makers. Yet it is the fundamental basics of digital daily life that are to blame for the massive amount of money lost by the average citizen, not to mention all the aggravation. So, appropriately, October is National…

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