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James DeLuccia

James DeLuccia

  • Pursuing Excellence in the Digital Security Space

    by James DeLuccia on March 16, 2017

    Pursuing excellence and making a difference in your family, business, and profession requires the layering and extending of insight. It is more than simply going for the hot certification, attending the popular conference, or echoing the pundits like Bruce Schneier. We ALL need you to build upon these ideas, not follow them indiscriminately. It is the prudent intentional quality development of…

  • The Emergence of DevOps Requires a Rethink of Cybersecurity

    by James DeLuccia on December 13, 2016

    How we create code, how we deliver services, and how we run our businesses has transformed. It grew out of the work of some of the most advanced software development teams—the Googlers, the NetFlixes, and the Etsys— and it now knows no bounds, being taken up by biochemical agriculture companies, industrial companies, retailers, communication companies, and beyond. This shift in development…

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