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Sandra Toms

Sandra Toms

VP and Curator, RSA Conference

  • New Additions to the RSAC Advisory Board

    by Sandra Toms on November 13, 2018

    It’s with great pleasure that we announce nine new additions to the RSA Conference Advisory Board today! I am overjoyed to welcome these seasoned and savvy cybersecurity industry folks into the fold as valued members of our Board while we head towards another exciting chapter in RSA Conference’s storied history. This is an exciting part of our new diversity and inclusion (D&I) rollout, which was…

  • Diversity and Inclusion Principles for RSAC 2019

    by Sandra Toms on November 13, 2018

    I am pleased to announce today that we have unveiled our new diversity & inclusion (D&I) initiative which includes a host of new efforts around four guiding principles focused on making certain today and tomorrow’s RSA Conference experience is one where all are included in the conversation. RSA Conference is, and has always been, about bringing all people in the cybersecurity industry together and…

  • Innovation Doesn’t Do Well in a Vacuum

    by Sandra Toms on October 30, 2018

    If you’ve attended any one of the past five or so RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contests, you probably noticed more and more companies outside of Silicon Valley taking the stage. Entrepreneurs from all over the country – New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago – and around the world – Belgium, Australia, France, Ireland and Israel – have submitted and pitched their products to our panel of judges, …

  • 15 Years of National Cyber Security Awareness Month

    by Sandra Toms on October 1, 2018

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the launch of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), but that’s exactly where stand as we kickoff the month of October. So in addition, to closing the book on summer and welcoming fall harvests, pumpkin patches and picking out the best Halloween outfits, we encourage you not to forget about cyber security tips and best practices. Since its…

  • RSA Conference 2019 Theme: Better

    by Sandra Toms on August 22, 2018

    One of the most exciting and invigorating times of the year for the RSA Conference team is putting our collective heads together to brainstorm, select and develop a new theme for the upcoming year. We tackle this process armed with all of the verbatims and comments our attendees, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and entire staff take the time to provide at the end of Conference. As I mentioned in a…

  • The Sound Track to RSAC

    by Sandra Toms on July 10, 2018

    Each year, the Conference team pulls together music to play during keynote “walk-in” and “walk-out.” The team even has a discussion based on science around what is the best music for when someone walks into the keynote room and takes a chair vs. when you want to encourage the audience to leave the room. I’m not sure I completely understand the difference, but I’m glad the team thinks about it. …

  • Boot Camp: No Pain, No Gain

    by Sandra Toms on June 20, 2018

    So what does the RSA Conference team do post the US event (besides work on our RSAC Unplugged and RSAC APJ events)? We prepare for boot camp! Boot camp is aptly named. It is our RSA Conference design kick off meeting – an intense three-days of actively planning, breaking and rebuilding programs, ideas and concepts to develop the next RSA Conference experience. By the end of the three days, we…

  • Diversity with a Side of Caffeine

    by Sandra Toms on June 14, 2018

    Early Wednesday morning of RSAC US week, we asked a group of co-collaborators to work with us to help improve the diversity of RSA Conference. A broad spectrum of people were represented – some long-term RSAC attendees and some new to information security – all of various ages, genders, geographies, verticals, positions and ethnicities. In exchange for the 90-minute session, we promised the…

  • Yep, I Suggested Monica

    by Sandra Toms on June 7, 2018

    Have you ever had that awkward pause moment when you make a suggestion, and people look at you like you have a third eye? It feels like second nature to me! I don’t consider myself an “events person,” but I’m responsible for one of the world’s largest cybersecurity events. So, imagine the awkward pause moment I had when I suggested we have Monica Lewinsky keynote at RSA Conference. Most people…

  • The RSA Conference 2018 Keynote Line-Up

    by Sandra Toms on March 26, 2018

    Each year, we look forward to rounding out and finalizing our keynote line-up which usually happens about a month before RSA Conference and we’re excited to announce this year’s program which will bring forward-thinking, actionable and life-affirming stories to the keynote stage. The topics our speakers will explore range from how artificial intelligence can help or hurt humanity, preparing for…

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