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  • Application Security Metrics: Where to Start?

    by RSAC Contributor on May 8, 2017

    By Caroline Wong Often, the people asking questions about application security (executives, regulators, auditors, customers) are not application security experts. They may ask the “wrong” questions unintentionally, because they’re trying to use success criteria that they are familiar with from other fields. It’s the responsibility of an application security professional to recommend the “right”…

  • Managing the Machine: More Like Building the Machine

    by RSAC Contributor on April 28, 2017

    By Paul Yates I had the incredible opportunity to facilitate a Peer-to-Peer session at RSAC 2017. My session was called “Managing the Machine: Strategies for Effective SecOps Management.” The session focused on common managerial techniques that can be applied by Security Operations managers to overcome the several challenges we face. I began the session by doing a few straw polls of the room to…

  • Post Conference Highlights from the RSAC 2017 P2P Session on Protecting ICS Networks from Cyberthreats

    by RSAC Contributor on April 26, 2017

    By Olasupo Lawal Session Description: In this session, participants focused on sharing practical insights in protecting ICS networks from cyberthreats. Session Highlights: The P2P session focused on 3 key areas: What are the common practical challenges in implementing cybersecurity practises in ICS environments? What are the practical steps one can take to address these challenges? The focus…

  • Continuous Purple Teaming: “Red Teaming for Success”

    by RSAC Contributor on April 25, 2017

    By Col. John Burger This session focused on the need for continuous testing and followed with a discussion on testing approaches, best practices, and lessons learned from the collective group. The participants provided a great mix of both commercial and government industries. Commercial sectors represented included energy, automotive, retail, financial and automotive. Government entities…

  • Incident Response in the Public Cloud

    by RSAC Contributor on April 21, 2017

    By Alex Maestretti Description: We held a session to discuss the unique challenges of conducting incident response in the public cloud. We had a great mix of attendees at the P2P session on Incident Response in the public cloud, including practitioners from cloud native companies as well as those from mature organizations just starting to move out of the datacenter. We started the conversation with…

  • Wearables: Security of Things

    by RSAC Contributor on April 19, 2017

    By Marc Bown In this session, we discussed wearable security, taking into account considerations and constraints unique to wearables and IoT devices. In this session, we used Fitbit’s architecture and experience to frame a discussion around wearable security challenges and best practices. We explored threats that wearable devices face and considered how the unique constraints of wearable devices…

  • Security Sourcing: Peers Discuss What Functions to Outsource at RSAC 2017

    by RSAC Contributor on April 18, 2017

    By Kevin Fuller The Peer2Peer session "To Source or Not to Source. Is That Really the Question?" was very well-attended by security leaders across many verticals, offering a range of experience with regards to sourcing their security programs. Attendees shared what functions they have outsourced to a trusted third party, how they came to those decisions, and what their experience was in those…

  • Strategies on Surviving DDoS Attacks

    by RSAC Contributor on April 14, 2017

    By Amol Sarwate Recap on DDoS attack strategies at RSA Conference USA 2017 peer-to-peer session At RSA Conference this year I had the opportunity to host a peer-to-peer session on how to survive IoT botnet-based DDoS attacks, and exchange ideas with some of the brightest minds in the security world. In this blog I am sharing some of the ideas that surfaced during that discussion. We kicked off the…

  • Metric Madness: Measuring Success

    by RSAC Contributor on April 12, 2017

    By Tyler Reguly Metrics for Managing and Understanding Patch Fatigue was ultimately a conversation on how businesses can measure success in their Vulnerability and Patch Management strategies. This year, at RSAC 2017, I hosted a Peer-2-Peer session on Metrics for Managing and Understanding Patch Fatigue. I saw this as an extension of my RSAC 2015 P2P on vulnerability and risk scoring. In 2015, I had…

  • Wild Frontier is Right!

    by RSAC Contributor on April 11, 2017

    By David Levine In the moderated Peer2Peer session “Securing IoT: Tech’s latest Wild Frontier” we had a full room and great representation providing different viewpoints ranging from those involved in manufacturing, setting standards, government and those charged with managing and securing IoT. Most importantly we had some great dialog and certainly could have spent hours -- make that many, many, …

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