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Rita S. Heims

Rita S. Heims

Verrill Dana, LLP

  • Private Sector Cooperation in Cyber Threat Intelligence

    by Rita S. Heims on April 22, 2015

    Devices provide imperfect information security protection, even if they are considered acceptable for purposes of satisfying a legal obligation to follow industry security standards. An advanced warning system that predicts the likelihood of cyber attack may ultimately be more effective and less costly if well designed and executed. Private organizations have tremendous technical capacity to…

  • My First RSA Conference: Exciting Professional Diversity and a Pinch of Fear

    by Rita S. Heims on February 26, 2015

    My good friend Jon Stanley invited me to speak on his panel at RSAC 2015. This will be my first time at the conference, let alone as a speaker. Over the past two decades as a lawyer and law professor, I’ve been to plenty of conferences: grand ones organized by professional membership associations with fancy keynotes speakers and high production value; little academic ones where only the twenty…

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