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Debbie Hartman

RSA Independant Contractor

  • CISSP Study Guide

    by Debbie Hartman on August 17, 2010

    The goal of every certification preparation book is to help the reader pass the exam, which is a noble goal. Evaluating the actually efficacy of a specific certification book is a challenge, if not an impossibility. As to the CISSP exam; a statistical approach would be to take two sample groups using two different CISSP prep guides, using the same study methods, and then judge the outcome. The…

  • Preview - Security Strategy: From Requirements to Reality

    by Debbie Hartman on July 30, 2010

    Just saw a blurb about a new book Security Strategy: From Requirements to Reality by Bill Stackpole and Eric Oksendahl. Here is the book description: Every business initiative begins with a set of goals and requirements followed by a strategy for meeting those goals. An information security program is no different. The majority of what is touted as security strategy is usually more in the realm of…

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