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Here’s everything you need to know to get the most of our your RSAC 2020 APJ virtual learning experience.

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Technical Assistance

  • If you experience technical issues with the virtual environment during the live event, please email and include “RSA Conference 2020 APJ” in the subject line along with detailed information in the email body regarding your issue, including a screenshot if possible

  • You can also call:

– Toll Free Number: 1-800-217-3966

– International/Toll Number: 1-720-465-8619

During the Conference

  • For the best experience, we highly recommend that you access the VE from your desktop using Google’s Chrome browser
  • Run the audio through your computer. If your connection is slow, try using a wired internet connection instead of wi-fi

  • Keynotes and track sessions will be available on demand approximately one hour after the live showing takes place
  • Interactive experiences and networking are only available during the live event hours
  • If you plan to submit to GIAC, IAPP or (ISC)2 for CPECredits, be sure to download your certificate of completion at the 20-minute mark of keynotes and track sessions

  • Closed captioning will be available in both English and Japanese
  • There is a 2-question survey available for each session. Please provide your feedback so we can keep bringing you great content!
  • If a session is full, you can keep checking back to see if space has opened up, choose another session to attend or watch it on demand.

Frequently Asked Questions


1) When will sessions be available on demand?

Sessions can be watched on demand within the virtual environment approximately one hour after the live session ends.

2) How can I get CPE credits?

GIAC, IAPP and (ISC)2 are participating Community Partners. If you are a member of one of these associations, you can submit your hours attended/watched to them for CPE credits. For proof of session attendance, download the certificate using the icon at the bottom of your screen as soon as the watch time requirement is met (20 min. for most track sessions). Learn more about participating associations.

3) Does RSAC 2020 APJ attendance count towards RSAC LoyaltyPlus?

Yes, it does as long you attend the event (log in to the virtual environment). You will receive LoyaltyPlus status for the next RSAC APJ event, or if you have attended five or more RSA Conferences, you will receive LoyaltyPlus benefits for RSAC 2021. Learn more.

4) Do I need to pre-register for sessions?

No, you can simply attend a session by clicking the “Launch” button from within the session list of the virtual environment. The session “Launch” button becomes active 15-minutes prior to the session start time. You can also add sessions to My Favorites for easy schedule reference, however, this does not reserve a virtual spot.

5) Where do I see live or on demand keynote and session listings?

You may view listings of live or on demand keynotes or sessions in any of the following locations under the Agenda item in the main navigation of the virtual environment:

  • Full Agenda
  • Keynotes
  • Track Sessions
  • Downloadable Agenda

6) Where can I find the Agenda within the virtual environment?

The Agenda is available on the navigation bar in the virtual environment. Hover over it and it will display the program offerings. Click each item to explore and join sessions. You can also download an agenda PDF for printing and easy reference.

7) What are tracks?

Tracks are a way for RSAC to organize content by defining the theme or subject matter of a session. You can follow a single track or multiple tracks based on your interest.

8) Can I search for content in the virtual environment?

In general, there is a Content Search menu item in the Search tab of the navigation bar of the virtual environment. There are several options available for defining search criteria. The search will cross all content across all locations.


My Favorites

1) What is the purpose of My Favorites?

My Favorites provides you with a place to store and organize environment content, such as links to keynotes, track sessions, Ask the Expert Roundtables and Capture the Flag events, track session slides, and Community Partner content.

2) Can I take away any of the interesting documents I find in the virtual environment?

Absolutely. Any document you want save to your own computer can be opened for viewing and downloaded from the viewing window. You can also click the Download button in the lower right-hand corner of My Favorites to email yourself content from My Favorites or download it to your desktop.


Professional Networking

1) What tools are available for Professional Networking?

Session Chats Using Slido

During the track sessions, you can communicate with speakers and other attendees using chat. These chats can continue after the session closes, until the live agenda ends for the day. Slido is the app used for these chats.

Networking Lounge Chats Using Slido

During session breaks and beyond, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in chats about the tracks happening that day. Just head to our virtual Networking Lounge to connect with both speakers and attendees. The Networking Lounge is open during the live agenda hours. Slido is the app used for these chats.



1) Are ON24 Virtual Environments secure websites?

Attendees can only get into an environment with login and password authentication, which is set during the registration process.

2) What information can attendees obtain about me?

By default, attendees can only see your First Name within the virtual environment. You can go into My Profile and edit any fields submitted during registration, with the exception of your email address.  Within Slido and Zoom, you also have the ability to control the username you would like displayed.


System Requirements

*Desktop viewing is strongly recommended.*

Operating System / Browser Combinations

  • Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 with IE11.x, or the latest version of Edge, Firefox, or Chrome
  • Mac OS 10.10+ with the latest version of Safari, Firefox, or Chrome
  • Ubuntu Linux with the latest version of Firefox
  • iOS 8.0+ with Safari or Chrome
  • Android 4.4+ with native browser or Chrome

Media Players

  • Windows Media Player 10.x+
  • Real Media Player 10.x+

Display Size

  • The virtual environment is optimized for 1024 X 768 screen resolution.


  • 500 Kbps


Contact Us/Technical Support

If you are experiencing any issues during the live agenda hours, please contact us at:

  • Virtual Environment Support Phone:
  • Toll Free Number: 1-800-217-3966
  • International/Toll Number: 1-720-465-8619
  • Virtual Environment Support Email
  • Please include RSA Conference 2020 APJ in the subject line and detailed information in the email body regarding your issue, including a screenshot if possible. If remote, and you require a VPN connection, please be sure you are connected before you send your email.

If you have any questions regarding the event content or need post-event assistance, please contact:

Before the Conference

The Virtual Environment (VE) is open for exploration!

To log in:

  • Click on the link provided in your confirmation emails, or visit the registration page and click on the “Already Registered” link
  • Enter the username and temporary password from your confirmation email to log in
  • Once you’ve logged in, you can change your password using “Password Reset” in the main navigation
  • You will need to log in each time you enter the VE

Once logged in, you can visit the Agenda and mark sessions as favorites. When you return, those sessions will appear in the My Favorites area where you can quickly launch into each session you’ve selected.