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Earth feels like it’s spinning faster these days. With nearly half the world’s population on the Internet, information is spreading at warp speed. Our personal lives are becoming digital whether we like it or not. And cyberthreats are looming larger than ever. Solutions for these cyberthreats can’t wait for tomorrow. We need to find them today. That’s why RSA Conference is here. It’s always been our mission to advance the field of cybersecurity. But recent events have put us at center stage. Business, politics and the entire world are hanging in the balance. And all eyes are on us. So we need to make every second count. RSA Conference 2018 is the moment to take action, and secure the world from cyberthreats. Because Now Matters.

As a platform for strengthening cybersecurity within Asia and creating a safer cyber world, RSA Conference 2018 APJ successfully brought together the region's industry elite.

- Linda Gray Martin , Director & Chief of Operations, RSA Conference
What do you get when 18 keynote speakers and panelists meet more than 76 speakers across 60 sessions and 92 companies on the expo floors? It’s RSAC 2018 APJ. 

Returning for its sixth year, Conference saw even greater registration from areas like Australia, India, Korea and more. A great reflection of this heightened representation was the depth and diversity of conference topics and discussions. 

Opening up Conference, Mr. Ng Hoo Ming, Deputy Chief Executive (Operations), Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), used his keynote to address the critical role of data in the digital economy. And Rohit Ghai, President of RSA, offered the audience this insight during his keynote session, “Risk is not the enemy – too much of it is. But very importantly, so is too little of it. Between recklessness and complacency, there is a Goldilocks Zone of risk – not too much, not too little – just right.” But perhaps the most anticipated speaker was Sophia, the social humanoid robot. Helping Hugh Thompson close out the show, Sophia shared her perspectives on AI and the need for humanity in the field. 

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