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Keep Your Kids Safe Online by Becoming a CyberSmart Parent

Technology is an amazing tool that enables our kids to learn, share and develop at an exceptional rate. However, the security of kids starts with informed, equipped and proactive parents. A critical element of the RSAC CyberSafety initiative is to provide these educational materials to parents.

Explore our site and learn more about the tools, resources, and tips that you can use to protect your kids from online dangers. Start your journey to becoming a CyberSmart Parent.


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CyberSmart Parents Education Workshop Lance Spitzner

RSA Conference recently presented a half day workshop where attendees learned from cybersecurity experts how to empower kids to make the most of today’s technology, while keeping them safe and secure online. The workshop video above features Lance Spitzner, SANS Securing the Human on “The Top Three Online Threats: What Can Harm Our Kids?”

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The Parents' Guide To Protecting Your Family Online

This guide was created because raising kids in today's digital world isn't easy. Become a CyberSmart Parent and get equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to keep your family safe online. 

Parents' Guide

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CyberSafety: Kids - Know the Facts 

Know the Facts


Top 7 Tips for ParentsTop 7 Tips for Parents

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Webcast Recording: Securing Today’s Online Kids

Securing Today's Online Kids

Technology is an amazing enabler for kids today, but also brings unique risks. In this interactive talk we cover the top three risks facing kids online today, and what we as parents can do to help both enable and protect them online.

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