Speaker Shake Out: Preparing for a Smooth Delivery

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It’s showtime! It’s your week to present at RSA Conference, and we want to help you take it to the next level and get rid of any last-minute butterflies to help you confidently and effectively connect with your audience. Join author, keynote and TED speaker Karen Eber and fellow RSAC presenters for this special onsite Sunday afternoon session to refine, practice, and prepare...and have a little fun, too.

This interactive session will have you practice different delivery skills including:

  • Creating a strong opening and closing to your presentation
  • Including gestures to reinforce your points
  • Varying your cadence and inflection
  • Incorporating pause to land ideas
  • Leveraging eye contact to avoid rambling
  • Navigating Q&A
Karen Eber


Chief Executive Officer, Eber Leadership Group

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