January 27, 2021 – Now On Demand

Sessions are grouped into categories called tracks to make it easier for you to identify the sessions that are most relevant to your needs.

Analytics, Intelligence & Response
Analytics, Intelligence & Response covers the application of investigative and analytic techniques that help organizations anticipate, identify, contain, investigate, and resolve incidents in the enterprise and across OT and integrated technologies. It also explores threat intelligence gathering, automating response, and sharing across technologies and organizations.

Application Security
Application Security is focused on the development, performance and overall security of apps throughout the entire application lifecycle. Sessions will include topics such common appsec risks, testing for security vulnerabilities, integrity of data, accessibility, enhanced software security procedures and methods to protect network and mobile device applications from modification.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Automation
Sessions examine the practical applications and limitations of machine learning and artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, with an eye on issues of ethics and bias as well as democratizing ML&AI. This track will explore defensibility, fundamentals, real-world examples, potential risks, and future evolution of capabilities. Expect to see topics around automated robots and defensive automation as well as the ways in which ML, AI and automation are enabling humans to do a better job and be more efficient.

Impact: 2020
Almost a year into a global pandemic, organizations have transformed to secure and protect distributed employees, partners, assets and data, shifts that in some cases have upended privacy and compliance considerations. Resilience has been a survival requirement, personally and technologically, with changing attack surfaces and evolving internal and external threat factors. Impact: 2020 explores critical changes that have occurred, seismic shifts that are still happening and lessons that must be learned as individuals and organizations continue to navigate change and uncertainty.


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